Overweight since Monday!!!!


Oh wow!

Just sat here reading the threads and thought - I haven't checked my BMI in a while.

Just did and its 29.9!!! So, not only am I now overweight - I've been overweight since Monday and I didn't even know!

I'm so excited - I've lost 51lbs in 91 days and my BMI has gone from 39.5 to 29.9!

Just wanted to say well done to everyone - I never thought I'd get anywhere near to goal - but recently I've been looking in the mirror and thinking actually it won't be that long til I have a decent shape.

Still got a long way to go - the 18lbs on my tracker was just my target weight to begin with but will need to lose another 14-21 on top of that to be in the healthy weight range and tone up etc (i'm very short so have to get down to a tiny weight to be normal apparently!)

So here's to the next 8 weeks and hoping I get closer to goal!

Good Luck everyone on their journey - its well worth it so stick to it!

Tash xxx
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The Diet Guy
Woohoo and well done m8eeeeee

You will be at goal in no time at all.



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Thats a fantastic achievement! Well done :)