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.....Ow ow ow....and another...OW!


Clean green leafy machine
Oh my goodness FJ, get that icecream down you, you poor thing (what flavour?) and I hope the throat heals up very soon
I got mine out as an adult and i remember the pain of it was awful , hugs to you .I found icecreams made it worse though , maybe that ws just me . Best thing i found was yop's , went down easy and felt like i'd eaten something . Hope you feel better soon xx
I recommend ice cream milk shakes! I was addicted to these when I had tonsillitis a few years back.
Maybe you could put some whey powder in to fill you up?


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Aw.....cheers you lot!

You know what, eating carby foods made me feel ill.....and it wasn't JUST guilt hehe.....

Back on 'the wagon' as of an hour ago......just didn't feel right!
oh bless you :( its that ice cream LOL. xxx hope you better soon and you are right carbs ARE EVIL!


Clean green leafy machine
Oh poor FJ, wrap up well and stay in bed for as long as you can!
Oh poor Kye! Please make sure that that flu you think you have isn't an infection in your throat, the symptoms can be so so similar.

And I agree with everyone else - let go of the guilt, these are extenuating circumstances! :)
Not really.....did for a short while yesterday but back to ill.com this morning :(

Been super wary about infections like...had to be....

Hospital od'd me on morphine when I was coming round...then gave me painkillers I'm highly allergic to....cue the fits/spewing over an open wound etc....

Then, get this, tried to give me the same painkillers repeatedly for the pain haha!

Been on a drip and oxygen for a little bit like....but....spose I'm over the worst of it now eh!


Clean green leafy machine
Oh poor FJ, that is horrendous - hope it heals up soon!
Sounds like the worse experience possible. Hope you feel much better soon petal.

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