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own up....

I'm actually mad at myself again now.
I don't know why I bought them and until that point I was really good... nothing in my basket besides frozen veg, chicken breast, spices and veg gravy powder ( my 2 syns a day indulgence.. )..
next thing I realise, I'm packing a multipack of kitkats into my shopping bag in the car...
Don't be mad at yourself, you've not eaten them yet.. Why not take them back & get a refund? Or give them to a friend :)
Everyone's allowed a naughty day, we'd go mad if we didn't have them. Just hop straight back on the wagon xx


Now to maintain.....
no problem...they are 5.5syns......just have one as a treat now and again.


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I had the same problem with my shopping this week, some of those new crunchie and caramel biscuits managed to find their way into my trolley!!

Two finger kit kats aren't too bad, 5.5 syns each? You can have two a day, guilt free and still have syns left for your gravy!!
There's nothing at all wrong with buying chocolate. As others have said they are only 5.5 syns, so treat yourself and have one.

But, that's if you feel confident enough to just have the one. I know that some people know that once they have one, they will carry on until they are all gone.

As many sins as a HiFi bar ...

I got caught by my SW teacher in Tesco yesterday with a basket full of utter rubbish. My daughter had her braces fitted in the week and eating was a problem for her so we were grabbing whatever she fancied.

Honestly. :eek:
I'm trying to avoid chocolate and the like because I only lost 0.5lbs last week and that was a near 100% week.. the only "bad" stuff I had was a mini toffee crisp each day for 5 syns...
so this week I'm back to my good weeks food diaries and giving the bad stuff a miss.. ( i hope.. )
Y'see the issue here is that 2 finger kitkats only come in multipacks. You buy one, you buy six. Potentially that's 12 fingers ... I'm not a big chocolate head but if I get the urge 2 fingers won't cut the mustard if there are 12 to be had. :break_diet:
shall i send you a SAE to send them to me?

Happy to help a mate out :) xxx

they're only £1 at tesco.. probably cost more than that in postage..
they're on top of the kitchen cabinet and will stay there ( hopefully ) until thursday night weigh in.. ( I might take them for the SOTW basket.. or if I don't lose much I'm keeping them..:( :mad: )
I'm terrible with chocolate multipacks, I can't have just one. Most of the time I don't even know I'm eating it, I just munch and munch and within 10 minutes I've gone through the lot. It's honestly some kind of emotional addiction thing, I have serious issues with sweet foods.

Putting it in the SOTW basket would be a bit mean wouldn't it? Maybe putting in one, but the whole multipack would be a bit like sabotaging your rivals! Ah-ha! We're on to you, we know your plan! :p
not sabotage, a weeks worth of 5.5 syn treats... much more use than a knob of ginger root that's been in my fridge for 4 weeks with no idea how ( or recipes ) to use it..
The ginger can be peeled and grated and used in tonnes of recipes esp curries :)
not sabotage, a weeks worth of 5.5 syn treats... much more use than a knob of ginger root that's been in my fridge for 4 weeks with no idea how ( or recipes ) to use it..
Carrot, ginger and lime soup is mighty good. I dont like a whole lot of ginger, but it works well with the lime and carrots.

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