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  1. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    I know this should technially start on a Monday, or a Friday (my weigh in day) but i'm starting it as of yesterday....

    Wednesday 8th February

    Porridge 40g - 4
    Milk allowance - 2

    2 x WW Thick granary bread - 4
    10g Light butter crap - 1

    Baxters Healthy Minestrone soup - 4
    Boots Shapers sushi thing - 6

    Quorn Mince (175g) - 4
    Cauliflower Rice - 0

    Muller Light - 2
    WW Caramel Wafer thing - 1

    Total: 28/31

    I did have a corner of a piece of christmas cake so i'm going to count that as the last 3 points.

    Going away for the weekend so this is my last truly good and pointed day before the carnage begins.

    Fingers crossed for weigh in tomorrow morning.
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  3. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Thursday 9th Feb

    50g Porridge - 5pp
    Milk allowance - 2pp

    4 Finn crisp - 2pp
    Abernethy biscuit - 2pp

    Baxters Lentil soup - 2pp
    50g pasta with zero point sauce - 5pp

    Quorn mince - 4pp
    Cauliflower rice - 0pp

    Muller light - 2pp
    Ww marshmallow biscuit - 1pp

    Half a samosa! - 6pp

    Total 31/31

    Lost 1lb this week. Off to London for the weekend this afternoon, followed by birthday meal for my Dad and Valentine's day.... I spy a gain!
  4. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    I have had a bad week. I was desperately trying to stick to my points and was doing so in the day. The evenings fell by the way side because of various family meals etc. So I didn't bother tracking until yesterday. Weigh in tomorrow :'(
  5. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Wednesday 15th Feb

    50g shreddies - 5pp
    Milk allowance - 2pp

    Shapers Moroccan Chicken salad thing - 6pp
    Snack a jacks - 3pp
    Shapers Choc bar - 2pp

    1 quorn peppered steak - 3pp
    40g Couscous - 4pp
    Muller light - 2pp
    2 x Ww caramel marshmallow jobs - 2pp

    Total 29/31
  6. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Gold Member

    Whats cauliflower rice?
  7. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Grated cauliflower microwaved for about 5 mins. Have instead of rice for 0 points. Really filling!
  8. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Going to weigh myself after work so trying to eat as little as possible today.

    So far

    50g shreddies - 5pp
    Milk allowance - 2pp

    Miso soup - 0pp

    Pasta with 0 point sauce - 5pp
  9. KatKit

    KatKit Silver Member

    :DCauliflower rice - what a brill idea - and no PP too - bargain

    Got chilli on saturday so I will attempt to make CR for me, hubby can have rice with his.

    Picking up on tips on what to have food wise as I get stuck - will start my Food diary on here too. (WW online)

  10. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Hey Kats,

    The cauliflower rice is great. I put it in my plastic mixing bowl, cover it and away you go. Takes about 5 minutes but obviously depends how much you put in. No water needed.

    My husband thought it was ridiculous at first but now he has been converted. If you have it with Quorn instead of meat mince and a 0pp sauce the whole meal is about 4pp and so filling.

    Good luck with finding foods :)

    Ruth x
  11. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    I went to my first WW meeting in about 7 months last night. I used to go religiously for about 2 years before I got to goal and I've been steadily putting weight back on since then. By no means all of it (I lost 70lbs) but still 24lbs more than I should.

    I've tried to just use my phone app and coming on here but without someone else recording my weight I fail. I can make excuses and cheat with my weigh in day to change it when it suits me.

    I hate staying for the talk part at the end of meetings, but just being weighed has worked well for me in the past so I hope it will again.

    I got married 3months ago so have no real Target to aim for but I'm hoping to be 2 stone lighter by the end of this year.

    Writing it down here will help it sink in a bit I think. Food and further waffling to follow.
  12. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Tuesday 21st Feb

    Shreddies 50g - 5pp
    Milk for day - 3pp

    Shapers tandoori chicken and mango sandwich (yum) - 8pp
    Shapers salted popcorn - 2pp

    Leek and mushroom pancake (ww recipe) - 7pp
    1 banana pancake - 6pp

    Shortbread biscuit - 2pp
    Ww hot Choc - 1pp

    35/32 dailies
    8/49 weeklies used this week
    Last edited: 22 February 2012
  13. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    I'm already excited about my lunch and its only quarter to 10!

    50g porridge oats - 5pp
    Daily milk allowance - 3pp

    Warburton's square wrap - 4pp
    Half pot of Tesco reduced fat houmous selection (lemon and corriander one) - 2pp
    Slice of ham - 1pp
    Salt and vinegar snack a jacks - 2pp

    WW recipe one pan lamb - 12pp (used a pp extra lamb each)
    Mint Muller light - 2pp

    32/32 :)
    8/49 weeklies
    Last edited: 22 February 2012
  14. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Thursday 23rd

    50g Shreddies - 5pp
    Skimmed milk allowance for day (284ml) - 3pp

    2 x Warburtons Sandwich thins - 6pp
    1 slice of German smoked ham - 1pp
    Other half of the pot of reduced fat houmous - 2pp
    Worcestershire sauce French Fries - 3pp

    Warburton's square wrap - 4pp
    130g chicken breast - 3pp
    Reduced fat cheese (however much equals..) - 3pp
    Weight Watchers Caramel Marshmallow Job - 1pp

    WW Hot Chocolate Drink - 1pp

    Total 32/32
    Weeklies 8/49
    Last edited: 23 February 2012
  15. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    50g Porridge Oats - 5pp
    284ml Skimmed milk - 3pp

    Baxters Healthy Choice Minestrone Soup (whole can ) - 4pp
    Shapers salted popcorn - 2pp

    Sundried tomato and chicken recipe - will have to point as I go
    Mini meringues x4 - 2pp
    WW Creme Fraiche - ?pp
    Last edited: 24 February 2012
  16. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    I've got family coming round for dinner tonight but i've planned to make something that will stick within my points. I just need to make sure I don't drink too much wine.

    My downfall will be tomorrow. I'm going to stay with my Uni friends for the night which will involve a lot of drink and eating. I've saved 41 weeklies for it and i'm feeling pretty determined, so hopefully it will be ok. I just need to remember to say no and not eat because they all are.

    I've gone back to meetings on a Monday now which is never a good day to get weighed on but I lost 70lbs last time I really got stuck in to WW and that was a Monday weigh in so deep down I do know I can do this.

    Ruth x
  17. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Bad weekend. Weigh in tonight. Oh dear.

    50g red berry special flakes - 6pp
    284ml skimmed milk for breakfast - 3pp

    2 x Warburton Thins - 6pp
    Half pot reduced fat houmous - 2pp

    4 Tesco healthy living bacon rashers - 3pp
    3 eggs - 3pp
    200th potatoes (raw) - 4pp
    Crunchie - 5pp


    Ruth x
    Last edited: 27 February 2012
  18. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    1lb off. Should be better. Buying a new bike later. Can't wait to get out riding around again.
  19. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Good Jeebus that dinner was filling. Should have left some of it but then I would have had to eat something else anyway to make up my points.

    Loved the Crunchie. They're my favourite chocolate bars anyway and so convenient that they are low in points! How considerate of them.

    Ruth x
    Last edited: 28 February 2012
  20. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Bah! Mis-pointed my eggs. Below should have 5pp for them and therefore 34/32pp for the day and 2/49 weeklies.

    No wonder it was so filling!

    Ruth x
    Last edited: 27 February 2012
  21. boofyruth

    boofyruth Full Member

    Tuesday 28th February

    50g Shreddies - 5pp
    284ml Skimmed Milk for day - 3pp

    Tesco Reduced Fat Caramelised Onion Houmous Mini Pot (70g) - 4pp
    Tesco Healthy Eating Lentil and Vegetable Soup (whole can) - 5pp
    WW hot Choc - 1pp

    110g Raw King Prawns - 3pp
    Blue Dragon Wasabi and Plum stir fry shot (half pack) - 3pp
    50g Brown Rice - 5pp

    Mint Mullerlight - 2pp
    WW Caramel Marshmallow Wafer - 1pp


    I'm still full from last night so eating all of this today seems daunting but im sure i'll manage to pull through ;)
    Last edited: 28 February 2012
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