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Owww I am moody!! ha

Hello...my real name is Lisa, but a couple of friends in jest refer to me as Fatty wright...i really don't mind!
Well I started cambridge on Monday, weighed 15st 9lbs...yikes!!!! I am to get down to 11st.....the reason for me doing this is not only do I want to lose weight, but on Wed 8th April I am having an operation (to get a nicer pair of boobs!! ha). So it's go go go for me!!
Today though I am moody...even though it's Friday!! I'll snap out of it once I finish work im sure.
A friend of mine at work is doing this diet and lost over 2 stone, so I know it works and it'll be well worth it once I have achieved my goals!! Ohhhh the pain!!
As I am having a party this weekend my councillor decided to start me on SS+ just for this week, then as of Monday SS only....can hardly wait!!
any tips, encouragement, laughs, chat...anything, will be greatly received!! ha :wave_cry:
Thanks!! xxxxx
ps hopefully I'll stop sulking soon!! x
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:welcome: to minimins :) lots of support on here i used to be on cd but not anymore preggers!!! best of luck hun and woohoo on the booby op wish i could get mine done there as flat as pancakes!!!!!
Hi Lisa,

Everyone has moody days. You will be fine! Congrats on your upcoming opp! Very exciting. I had mine done last November. LOVE them and would never look back. Although I wish I had lost my weight before having them done. I have lost a bit on my own and people say already they look bigger once you start losing weight. I can't wait till I can get 3 stone off!!!! Good luck girl x
hey you!! thanks for your message!!
I can't wait to get them done....will do me the world of good, im sure of it!!
so how much have you lost so far? im new to this site...still finding my way around xx
Well at the end of August I had lost 2.5 stone on my own. Doing it the old fashioned way! Since then I have put on a whole stone :( am going back on CD to get the last 3 stone off. I really want to be a skinny minnie. What are you having unders or overs? x
ditto! you'll do it im sure!! I've heard nothing but good about the cd...it's harsh but you get the results.
Well im a size 18 at the mo and would like to be 12/14...I'll get there!! It's my mission...
I had my consultation in harley st london this week, the surgeon is lovely! he has come very higly recommended to me by a mate at work who had hers done.
Not sure if it's going to be over or unders yet...all i know is that I'll be having a size c (approx). I'm a b at the mo. Im doing it more for shape though....can't wait!!
so is it really that painful?!?! any tips for post surgery?!!? ha xx
Oh i would love love to get my boob's done!! have to decide if we are finished with kid's first.

I need a good old uplift:eek:
Okay I'm going to be totally honest. I had unders and went from a 36AA to a 36C/D. You really need to find out what your having as that will depend on the pain. Unders is when the muscle is lifted up and the implant is placed under, it can stop that "fake" look. IE: POSH! and you can also breast feed later on in life if you wish. BUT MY GOD is it painfull. I hated my boobs at first they were an inch away from my collor bone and looked horrible. As the muscle started to relax they looked more normal. I love them now but the first week was hell. I had a transax incision (under my armpit) as I didnt want any scars (visible ones anyway) and I was pathetic the first week. Passed out when I got home, couldnt shower myself cause I felt so weak. I knew I always wanted my boobs done but I really didnt think about how I would feel afterwards. It's a fairly big opp. You will def need 2 weeks off work. My tips would be, get a bloody good support bra. A shock absorber one I think are best. If you can try and organise clothes ( I actually wore my pj's for 2 whole weeks) that button up as you wont wanna be lifting your arms up. Will you have someone there to help you?
shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!! can hardy wait!! haha...but your happy now, that's what counts!!
I found out that I actually have a medical condition called tubular breasts...you heard of it?! Apparently very common in women. It's nice to know because I thought it was me not having worn the right bra's over the years etc...but no! there is a reason for it, so that's nice, and I am doing something about it!
So it's an implant, through the nipple, then the nipple is made smaller and moved...Ouch!! that's about all I know. However will be going for follow up consulations with my surgeon nearer the time, so I'll ask more questions then.
I'll have people around to help me, and yep already thought about the whole pj thing..seems the easiest way. I'll be staying in so it doesn't really matter what I look like!!
Anyways I have to shift the stoneage first.....
I can't wait for it all to happen...be slim with new boobs...so excited!!
do you mind me asking how much it cost you and where you got them done? x
Sounds like your having overs hun, they will be lovely and pert! yay you. Mine cost £5000 and I had them done with Jan Stanek. Do you watch 10 years younger on channel 4? Well it's the surgeon off there. He is very good a few friends of mine used him and their's look great. Only annoying thing is that it was up in London and I live in Bournemouth so going back for stitches and check up is a ruddy nightmare. You will be fine. No pain no gain right?! xx
exactly my lovely!! I have been quoted £5,400....that bit hurts!! haha...but it'll be worth it! I'm starting the savings plan as we speak!! beg, steal or borrow I reckon!! haha,...
London for me is only a train ride away, i live in Hemel in Hertfordshire...so not so far to travel as you!! :eek:))
really glad your happy with your new boobies...
so how are you getting on with the diet? xx


Fab & Fit For Florida
hey guys, can relate (well on the weight front anyway lol) i've lost 3 stone initially on cambridge and 3 stone to go (well 3st5lbs now cos i put 5lbs on lol)

i would absolutely love to get my boobs done when i am finished dieting - have wanted big boobs since i was 13 and i'm now 24 in nov

i'm obsessed with the thought of having them done, but really it's finding the cash, hope you don't mind me asking but how did you raise the funds?
hey lovely...3 stone is brilliant!! well done!! You can shift the rest no worries. any tips for me, having only just started?!
well as for funds...im going to save as much as possible between now and march and then possibly get a credit card 0% on purchases for the rest...or might be able to borrow off my mum...but not going to rely on that. I have recently moved into a flat, renting, so my money is very tight indeed, but getting my boobs done is something I want and I know it'll make me more confident etc...so it's worth every penny!! I can't stop smiling at the thought of having them done...then again not sure about the pain afterwards!! haha...yikes!! xx


Fab & Fit For Florida
think i will try and put some money away...

i ain't the person to offer advice at the mo hun, i'm on my restart and can't stop messing up and eating... here is loads of support which i really recommend and i have just made a poster to stick on my fridge (on a separate thread if you want to see it)

i'm just gonna try soooo hard today and get into ketosis... i'll add you as a friend and we can keep eachother on the straight and narrow lol
ha..ok! I have just received your friend request but not sure if I have done it right...I am a virgin to this site!! I'll have to have a play around over the weekend and learn about it all....
but more than happy to encourage!! that's what this is all about x


Fab & Fit For Florida
well although i finished the last bit of chinese this morning (stupid sara) i have had a toffee mix a moose and some water so i'm on the right track, just mustn't mess up tonight when i sort out OH's tea xx

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