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P1ssed off

Grr need to rant, I've just been to the cinema with a group of friends and before hand I said to my oh that I would prefer it if he didn't have any popcorn or sweets etc so what does he do he puts me on the spot in front of our friends and asks me if he can get some, I could have punched him, i asked him not to be because I need his support but also because he needs to lose weight too, anyway he's gone to sleep in the spare room following our argument when we got home, you may think I'm being selfish but I didn't think it was too much to ask!
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I'm sure he knows he let you, and himself down. He also knows that you are peeved because you love him and want the best for him. He will deal with it in his own way I guess and well done you for wanting the best for both of you.
I would be upset to, and not just because he bought sweet stuff but because you specifically asked him not to, if u had npt mentioned anything and he did it absent minded fair enough bit because u asked him u are definatly not being selfish and I would be hurt, like others have said I reckon he will realise how disrespectful and spiteful that was and I would expect nothing less than flowers! :) I hope everything is ok and u hqve a good positive weekend together! :):)


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WOMEN should know their place, FULLSTOP!! ;)

HAHA, just kidding, I can understand where your coming from.

As I'm doing this for myself, it doesn't bother me when my wife sits and eats crisps, chocolate and ice cream etc infront of me. I've even been asked to buy it for her and I've been to the beach and bought everyone else an ice cream!!

Remember that this is for you and say if you REALLY want to eat something you will, but you choose not to because you don't WANT or NEED it!!


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