Packed lunch ideas


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Pack a salad, ryvita with pack of ham and some fruit, cous cous with chargrilled veg, boiled eggs, salmon with chopped cucumber and tomatoes. Homemade soup and put in a flask, left over curry/bolognaise and heat it up in microwave. Jacket spuds with various fillings, tin spaghetti etc etc


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Pitta bread
Filling of ham, low low cheese, tomatos, jelapenos, extra light mayo. I make these the night before and microwave them just to warm up for my dinner.


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I tend to cook sharwoods egg noodles and mix in lots of superfree peppers onions mushrooms tomatoes spring onions etc the night before then heat up in microwave in work the next day. To keep it free I add spices when cooking or sometimes I add blue dragon sweet chilli sauce for extra flavour but this has to be synned. I usually do the same with rice cous cous or pasta!!


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Thanks ladies, made a sort of frittata thing last night to take today, that was quite nice. Will try searching the online Minimins, the iPad app doesn't seem to like searches, comes up with all sorts of strange things! x


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I also find it hard to find things for dinners as im a childminder and have to grab things on the go sometimes. ive found pasta salads to be pretty easy and usefull, just make the pasta the day before, let it cool and add tuna, ham, chicken or any meat of your flavour, add your salad and abit of light mayo. its easy and comes straight out of fridge.
btw im on extra easy and have always done that so i dont know if u can have meat or pasta but its a suggestion x


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OOH FALAFELS! haha, i'm a huge falafel fan, although I haven't made them since starting SW, so I'll have to check the syns... Anyway.

Take some chickpeas, mash them, then mix with chopped onions. add salt and pepper to taste, and garlic if you wish. then spoon into balls and fry in fry light.

For the dip; take some natural yoghurt, add a few chopped mint leaves, and you're done! So simple, and you can just pop in a lunch box! Perfect with just a salad or on wholegrain bread :)