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ok so today i desided to do my packing,had a cup of tea and an atkins bar then i had another cup of tea 3 cigs and found the tape, went upstairs opend my wardrobe closed it and desided to start with my shoes, got the boxes down from the top of the wardrobe and thought ill do them and have a coke 2hrs later id filled 6 big boxes with shoes 5 with hand bags and shoved the rest in the bottom of my wardrobe lol, then i had another cig followed by an atkins bar, moved on to the lounge starting with my books and orniments so my lounge now has 4 boxes of books and 2 of orniments, ive even done 5 boxes in my kitchen, im sure most of this stuff isnt mine and am wondering if the people next door are using my house for storage or if things you dont use offten breed when you put them away what else could explain the 48 glasses .
Im dreading doing my clothes i hored then in 3 double wardrobes 2 chests of drawers, 4 under bed draws and a couple of suit cases my daughter says i need a skip me thinks more boxes will be needed lol:8855:
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he he Sharon your post made me giggle - you're having a fun day aren't you!?! We moved a few years ago whilst our son was 3 and I was pregnant with kido number two - it was awful, so I totally sypmathise with you. It's amazing the stuff you find that you've forgotten you even had! The task always seems so daunting at the start but you'll get there before you know it and it's a great opportunity to chuck a load of stuff you've been meaning to get rid of for a while.

Good luck hun x
i only moved here 6 mths ago as a stop gap till i found some where else my OH says i have enough stuff to set up a country for life if he only knew the half of it lol
hahaha your nuts. lol god i moved last november and ive still not recovered. sounds like you need a clear out but its hard to throw things out so i know how u feel.
the worst thing is 90% of the stuff in my wardrobe is brand new most still have tags on, most of the shoes and bags have never been used but i cant stop buying them, when i first split with my ex and moved house i got rid of loads of stuff well my daughters got rid of it i had 250 t shirts and 59 pairs of jeans can you belive that lol i have stuff that have never been out of the shop bag let alone on my back, the last straw for my ex i think was the 2 fendi handbags i told him they were copies and he found the recipets which showed they wernt and no they have never been out of the dust bags but my argumment is they might one day lol nutter yes lol
lol oh my word!! you are def a shopaholic! ill ome and help you clear out... clear out of yours and into mine lol im going through a bit of a make up and jewelery phase, i bought three nail varnishes today, eye shadow, three rings, pair of earings a necklace and i ordered a load of make up online last night too.... ooops lol its a phase though, im very faddy, sometimes its shoes or bags, a while ago it was hair products lol need to get a grip but its fun!
Ahhhh shopping - always bucks me up! I had a look around a few shops on Friday morning after the school and nursery drop offs and before having to collect them again (took the morning off work while hubby was away for a couple of days with work).

I was shocked I couldn't see anything I liked in my usual shops like Next, Monsoon, M&S etc but did find a cute little top in River Island but they only had sizes 6 and 8 left - not likely! Anyho, went online today and bought it plus a couple of other "must have" tops plus a really cute grey stripe short dress with leggins - very 80s! Can't wait for it to arrive and I hope they look awful on me to get me motivated in losing more weight so they do look good on me! Who am I kidding, of course they'll look awful - need to get doing more sit-ups lol!!
lol at wanting to look awfull. i know what you mean though, i bought two tops today and although i want them to fit i dont at the same time because like you it will make me lose the weight and be good so i can wear them!
.......they will fit though Emily - if not today, one day soon! Good old positive thinking and girlie motivation!
well im glad im not on my own in the shopping lol i do admit to being a shopaolic have been for yrs i get i from my mum, my ex bought me a charm bracelet one yr so i could get a charm on birthdays ect sounds a good idea yer right it was full 2 wks later lol, mt excuse is i have OCD last time i moved and my daughters did my wardrobe i had 5 prs of the same boots, trousers , sounds funny but when i saw it all i just cried i had 15 coats all with tags still in their bags hidden at the bottom of the cupboard mind you kids were pleased they sold them on ebay lol i used to have a thing about tea bags but you dont want to know lol

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