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Paging Mr. Icemoose...


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First of all WOW! What an incredible loss. Well done. As a fellow Florida Holidayer (is that a word?! I go every 18m - 2 years love the place) my aim is to be half the person when we go back Nov 2008 (think I have been realistic in the time / weight stakes).

Also know Frumpster is going in September this year.

Tell me. Floridian Food. What did you do whilst on your holiday?

We always eat out. I save for 2 years to have the type of holiday I want, skimping on nothing. I also dont go away to be a slave to a kitchen especially as the food is so plentiful and so cheap.

Given Crackerbarrel cooked their greens in bacon fat (is it any wonder the Americans grow super super sized people) and the salad (no croutons or dressing) in Red Lobster had a whacking 9g of FAT in it... did you take sachets with you or did you think 'sod it am having my 2 weeks holiday and will return to the fold on my return'

I know my holiday is some way off (we were out there last 2 weeks November '06) but I like to be able to plan ahead lol! There are so many tempations, Churros to name one of the nicest and it would be interesting (for me!) to know how you coped a year on from when you were there last, almost half the size.

TT x
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The Diet Guy

No didn't take any Cambridge Packs with me.

My strategy for the holiday was to eat sensibly when I could but not ruin the holiday because of it.

We stayed in a villa so I had porridge every morning before we went out and then in the parks I tended to go for chicken salads with no dressing for lunch which then left me a nice calorie allowance in the evening for a good steak and a couple of marguerittas, remember you are doing loads of walking (I did around 30000 steps a day on my pedometer) so that does allow for a few more calories anyway without putting weight on.

Also I still drunk at least 4 litres of water a day (especially as it was hot) which helped keep the weight stable.

All in all though my main advice is just eat the three square meals and avoid the candy floss/popcorn/pretzels snacking and you'll be absolutely fine.



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I have a different question for you icemoose:

how in the holy hell did you get that flippin benbats score??!!! it's driving me crazy!!

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