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Pah !


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Yep don't let it wreck your diet, get straight back on it and maybe do some more exercise to compensate;) Tis not worth stressing over hun, its not the end of the world, you will prob still lose, get a good sleep and forget the choc:)


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I don't have chocolate in the house because I can't be trusted with it! If I need something sweet I'll just have a yogurt or some cereal with sweetener instead. Never mind, what's done is done, don't beat yourself up over it. Tomorrow is a new day!


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Morning everyone
I was going to start the same thread this morning as last night I was a piggy - had 2 chip butties while I was making my own tea???? The worrying thing was I wasn't hungry.:cry:
As I know I draw a line under it and 3 good days until W/I on Monday and hopefully I should be ok?
I have not exercised this week which is also making me feel a bit sluggish so I will 'give it loads' over the weekend .
Have a great day everyone.


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I eat when I'm not hungry too, it's an emotional thing with me. I feel I need to make myself feel better by eating a bag of crisps etc.

I've been good on diet this week, but taking co codomol - which has a lovely side affect of "constipation" - Lovely!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
last night i drank a glass of champagne, went for a chinese, had desert, then came home and ate half a bag of kettle chips and half a tubs of ice cream!!! felt a bit sick, then fell asleep!

...but, it was after weigh-in, so it don't count! lol


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Thanks everyone.. have had a good nights sleep . Think I might get my bike out and cycle along the seafront today.

yay! :) ...better than eating crap! you'll get a natural high from your bike ride but with crap you'll get a sugar rush, then crash and feel like crap, so eat more crap to feel good.


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Too true. A bit under pressure as not weighed in yet... should be tomorrow as weighed in a day early last week. But I dont feel too bad about it. Hey I lost 11lbs so far so as long as I not put ALL of it back its ok lol


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I was doing well limiting myself to 2 bags of quavers...inatead of a huge bag of doritos per night! Someone at class said to try asda cheese curls...so I did and I ate all 6 bags in one go!!! Some things are more moreish than others. Lesson learnt... quavers are the only ones I trust myself with!

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