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Pain Killers?


The Nerdy Singer
I know this massive, pervasive headache I have isn't dehydration - I've been through gallons of water. It's most likely due to the adjustment of the CD plan. Whatever the cause, it's beginning to affect my work.

Is it okay to take a Tylenol or Aleve on this diet?
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The Diet Guy
It may be carb withdrawal if you are new on the diet, I would take cheap chalky paracetamol as they won't upset your tummy like something like Brufen.

As with all medical concerns though your should check with your GP/MD if you are worried.



Step away from the chips!
Sorry have no idea but hopefully someone will be along soon who can. I usually just stick to paracetamol, although i'm living on Ibuprofen at the minute due to chronic backache :(


The Nerdy Singer
Is paracetamol a European thing? I'm in the states (yeah, I know, bleedin' yank...) and haven't heard of it. Thanks for the suggestion - i will definitely look for it now!


The Nerdy Singer
Wow, really? Here, Aspirin (acetominophen?) is considered to be more severe on your stomach than either ibuprofin or naproxen sodium. If that's what you guys use and it works, I'll go pick some up. :)


Step away from the chips!
Apparently in the states paracetamol is known as acetaminophen.

Tylenol, Anacin 3, Datril, Panadol are all common US brands which contain paracetamol

hth x


Step away from the chips!
Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is quite different to paracetamol and has some quite serious contraindications for use due to its blood thinning properties and its adverse effects on things like asthma.

again hth x


Gone fishing
My US Cambridge Diet friends take Tylenol for their carb withdrawal headaches.


The Nerdy Singer
Thanks guys!

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