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Painful Constipation Worries - which laxative?

Hello, have been reading a number of topics on here regarding constipation.

I have been on LT for 4 weeks now, and it has steadily been getting worse and worse, every 4 days or so when I eventually go.

Today I think if I don't take something, I'll pass out :(

I am going to go round to Boots shortly and pick something up, just wanted to check on here if I can get any laxative, or will certain brands knock me out of ketosis? And which one would people recommend/fast acting etc?

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Here we go again!
Hi Mike. I had this problem several weeks ago and it was a nightmare!

I took Senokot in the morning and went easily in the evening. Took 2 more tablets 4 days later just to help things along and it really did the trick. They seem quite gentle for me but keep things moving naturally. Hope you find something that works for you. It's such an awful feeling, I know. Good luck.


on the up lol
i cant remeber all of them which is ok, but i use to take senokot my first time round , now i just have fibre clear every second day ..... the senokot is my bk up :)

good luck ;)


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I've found that Senokot haven't really been working too well so I've moved on to Dulcolax. They are the tiniest little pills that I've ever seen but boy do they work! I'd only take one to start with though as I reckon they're made from rocket fuel :giggle:


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Having nearly been hospitalised because of bad constipation I would recommend you get some glycoren suppositries and sort the problem out ASAP and also get some Senokot as a preventative measure for the future.
Thanks for all your suggestions,
I think I will get myself some Dulcolax for today's "problem", and some Senokot for the rest of my LT diet.

Thanks again.


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I took some fibre clear yesterday, just one spoon ful and I cant stop going!!!!
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i dont suggest dulcolax i really suffered if you see my post really ill 3 am this morning you will read what happend to me i do suggest drinking more water and using the glycerol suppostries they are good and becuae they are external no need to upset ya stomach hope this helps xxx
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Mike - found some great teabags at the health food shop last weekend. They're in a little square box of 10 bags - "Puritee" by Ideal Health. They are senna leaf, peppermint leaf, birch leaves and stinging nettle - so only leaf and fit into LT perfectly. Taste like a weird peppermint. Best thing is you just drink it. Overnight effect and good as a standby for keeping constipation at bay during LT.:clap:
Well that one dulcolax certainly done the trick.....thank god!

I'm going to drink plenty more water, and start taking Fiber Clear, I never want to go through that again.


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glad to hear it worked.....where did you get the fibreclear, been to boots twice and i cant find it :)


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I must have the constitution of an OX!! 2 ducolax 2 nights in a row and I'm only now feeling that I may go in the next while (sorry if tmi!)
I'm taking a dessertspoonful of fibreclear a day and drinking 10 pints of water a day (on average!). My pharmacist just told me to keep taking them until they worked, but I don't like the idea of depending on laxatives to go to the toilet?
Ah well...it's either that or put up with the back pain!!


It really does work! :)
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I also had similar probs.

I took Fybogel, given by the same chemist dealing with my LT at the time, which is OK to have with LT. It's about £5 for 30 sachets, so I took them as and when needed.

I believe, as mentioned by others, the LT product Fibre Clear is also meant to be a good one.

Also, as Pam sneaked in, ensure your water intake is good (2-3 litres).



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I also suffered with constipation, and the occassional senokot helped initially, but once I started having a flapjack every day I had no more problems.


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Hi Mike ,

Was interested to hear you suffered from backache . Was it out about half way up your back at the sides.I am constipated too at the moment took senokot this morning . Hoping for movement later this evening. (Took fibre clear yesterday .. No budge :sigh:) Its a nuisance really I have my weigh in in the morning. !!!!!!!!!!!

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