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Painkillers please help.....


Clove oil?

You could take ibuprofen in combination with paracetamol but must take the ibuprofen on top of a meal to minimise gastric disturbances.

If sticking to paracetamol you can take 1g every 6 hours. Thats 2 500mg tablets.


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I have nurofen - i didn't know you cant have anything stronger than paracetamol. I've been fine with nurofen - I also had an asprin the other day and was ok too.

I hope your tooth ache gets better soon hun. Take Care of yourself :)

Big Hugs x x x
Cant take ibuprofen :( also i'm worried when i go to the dentist in the morning that i'll get antibiotics which means i cant do the diet :cry:


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Cant take ibuprofen :( also i'm worried when i go to the dentist in the morning that i'll get antibiotics which means i cant do the diet :cry:
Not necessarily. Most antibiotics are fine with cambridge.

Do feel for you with the toothache though :hug99:

I have a perfect remedy...much nicer than clove oil. Not allowed on Cambridge though. Helpful aren't I :D

Clove oil is good though. Do you have any?


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What's conflicting? :confused:

I just don't think most of us had heard that you can't take anything stronger than paracetemol. I know that I've taken stronger stuff - I've taken Solpadeine Max which has codeine in. When you're in pain, take the pain relief you need, hun. Probably best to take it with a shake to minimise the possiblity of tummy woes.

KD's advice is sound - she's a CDC and the font of all CD knowledge. :D I'm guessing she's referring to alcohol as being a great cure - that'd be why we can't have it! But there's no problems taking antibiotics on this diet.

Really feel for you - toothache is horrible horrible. Hope you can get it sorted today. :hug99:
best cure for toothache.... get to the dentist.

clove oil is a topical anastetic so may give some relief. whisky is also good but is barred on CD. I regularly take pain killers stronger than paracetomol, only thing my cdc said was to avoid the 'extra power' paracetomol nd flu type remedies as the also contain caffiene and are usually sugar coated and that could knock me out of ketosis.


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Hey honey, just in case you can see this. Hope it all goes well at the dentist and he gets you sorted :hug99:

I know how awful toothache can be and it's hard to think straight isn't it.

You can take most antibiotics that are given out by dentists with Cambridge. If it says you need to take with food, then take it with a shake and you'll be fine. Double check with your CDC.

If you decide that Cambridge is too difficult while you're in pain, that's fine too. You can come back to it. Easier if you can stay on, but sometimes other things feel more important at the time.

Lots of hugs hun. Sure you'll feel better after the dentist and everything will feel clear again:hug99:

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