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OMG I'm having such trouble with my wisdom tooth!!!
Every 6 months or so it grows a little and for a few days it hurts like hell!!! What's your oppinion on painkillers? Read somewhere it's unadvicable to take them on an empty stomache, is that right? I try to avoid taking them at all but today my jaw is agony. Any advice? xx
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I have stomach problems and painkillers upset me at the best of times. However, paracetamol are pretty gentle on the tummy and if you take them with a shake you should be ok.

My sympathies, I hate the pain of toothache and I cry like a baby with it!
I had a bad experience with taking nurofen, had a desperate pain in tummy.(you may have seen my post) i cudnt eat/drink anything at all and had them on a empty stomack i got sick everywhere. Try panadol or something not so strong first and have it with a shake :)

becky xx


Call me Nicky xx
avoid anything that is ibuprofen based as it can irritate the stomach lining. Go for a chalky parcetamol with a shake. Hope you feel better soon hun xx


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get some co-codamol which is paracetamol and codeine and have that with a shake. Alternatively you should be ok taking brufen with a bar and plenty to drink. Tooth ache is the pitts.
If you have just eaten your bar you should be ok to take something now :) if you have an empty stomach paracetamol is best, not sure if it will be enough I hate tooth ache :( (((hugs)))


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I took a Propain yesterday for a bad headache and it made me feel terrible. I had to go and lie down in the medical room and ended up going home. Hope you feel better soon. I used to dab brandy on my wisdom teeth when they were growing. I had them all out in hospital in the end because they caused me problems all the time. Take care


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Thanks guys, just taken 2 paracetamols so hopefully that should kick in soon. xx


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Clove oil is supposed to be quite good too! You can get that from a decent chemist. You just dab it on your tooth.


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Owwww I have some in in the 1st aid tin will try it now, thanks x

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