Pampering your way into Ketosis


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Hello girls & guys

This is how I am going into ketosis this week. I started yesterday and had seven CD shakes. This gave me a grand total of 959 calories. I felt comfortable all day and enjoyed each single or double shake immensely.

Today I'm having one CD shake less, which will give me 822 calories for the day. I'm drinking my water and it is 4 pm now and I feel fine, apart from this virus which I am taking painkillers for.

Tomorrow, you've guessed, I will have 5 shakes and and by Thursday I will be down to 4. I don't suppose I will be in ketosis, but this is experimental for me and I'm wondering how I will feel when it comes to the crunch. I'll let you know. If all goes well and I am able to stick with the 4, great, but if I need 4 and a half then this is what I will do.

This will be my fourth journey into ketosis and each subsequent time has been more and more difficult. This way may be a more gentle introduction to it. We shall see.

I spoke to my CDC about what I was doing and she thought it was a good idea. I should drink plenty of water of course.

So, it may cost a bit more - I may consume 6 more diets than I should, but if it works I say it is definitely worth it.

I'll keep you posted on how I feel when I have cut down to 4. Even though I am 5ft 8in, I should only have 3 to get a good weight loss. This is what I had on Lipotrim to lose 2 to 3lbs a week.

Good Luck to all and let me know what you think.

M xx
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Hiya marilyn,

I think what you're doing is a really good idea. I am restarting today and have decided to have four shakes. I have done this before for the first week and it does work a lot better as it stops snacking a lot more. I'll be interested to hear how your week goes.

Good luck!

Fiona x
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Well thanks Fi

It's certainly better than the extremity of 3 shakes a day which is what I started with in June last year when I started on Lipotrim.

I was under medical supervision and doing Lt as part of a hospital study, so I just followed Dr's orders. It was so hard, that first week. As you will understand once you get into the comfort zone, it is a great place to be and very motivating to see the weight dropping every week.

Good Luck on your re-start. Cambridge diet is it?

M xx


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Just a word here, be careful having too many shakes...they are loaded with vitamins and minerals and too many may be risky...

also too many can raise your selenium levels not sure how many packs you would need to do this but 7 seems alittle excessive, Retinol (oil-soluble vitamin A) is toxic in large doses

I know you are bringing the packs down...and i wish you all the best.

i would say why not have a small meal or the 790 program to ease yourself in. Also i would think your CDC should maybe contact CD HQ just to make sure this is ok...

Good Luck though! Just be careful girl.



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Thanks Ivy,

I really appreciate your advice. I stuck with 6 packs today, I've just read your post.

I will get this experiment investigated to make sure I'm not overdosing on vitamins. I didn't think of that, but I know you can have too much of a good thing.

Anyway at 7 p.m. I had made the evening meal and I had had 4 packs by 4 p.m.

I could so easily have eaten a good bowl of spag bolo, but after I had had a bath the guys had eaten it.

I was thinking I would so love a bowl of it, but then when I knew hub and son had eaten it I was relieved. It is the temptation thing; I can resist anything but ....

I had a pint of soup, followed an hour later by a butterscotch jelly thing and boy did I feel hungry.

This is when I realised that I will have to start relying on water even more very soon.

Bearing in mind what you have said, I will cut down by 100 calories a day. I'll have a boiled egg tomorrow instead of a pack.

I'm sure it is going to be hard once I reduce further, but I have done it before and maybe there is no real easy way.
I'll keep you's posted.

M xx


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Hi Girls,

As you probably know, since I'm trying to rectify my mistake, I have been advised by CD HQ that 7 shakes a day is excessive and should not be done again.

3 or 4 shakes are fine as I am 5ft 8in, but that really should be the limit.

I should make up my calories with real food.

I'm sorry for misleading anyone and I hope that no-one will follow my crazy experiment.

It hasn't done me any harm, but it is not something to be repeated.

So I'm sorry about all that.

Marylyn xxx