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Pam's Weight Watchers' Diary

Hi all. You all seem to be doing so well and I am wanting to do as well. I am joining WW tomorrow morning. Luckily I have found a Sunday morning class which is wonderful as I don't have the energy for a class after work. My energy levels are at an all time low due to my weight. I am very inactive too. I never leave my flat from the time I get home on a Friday evening till the time I leave for work on a Monday morning. I have the problem that if I am on my feet my ankles and instep are not only painful there and then, but also ache the following day after a night's sleep so I avoid standing or walking. My weight is mostly on my hips and legs. I even have a lot of fat below my knees down to my ankles. Hence walking is difficult. It is not so much that I get breathless, but heavy legs are hard to move! I am sitting all day in front of a computer at work, and when I do need to get up from my chair my ankles practically give way and the backs of my knees are so painful. At my age (55 next month) all this is no good at all.

I have just in the last month been put on Glucophage by my GP, which is a slow-release version of Metformin, which controls blood sugar in diabetics. I was on Metformin up till almost 3 years ago, then stopped it to low carb and was controlling the blood sugar levels, but as my weight has risen the diabetes is now back with a vengence. Luckily though the Glucophage is also working as an appetite supressant, so I don't have the appetite that I had before last month. However, it is not just appetite which drives us to overeat - it is also boredom, emotion, and just plain liking of food. I think though that not having a huge appetite is 50% of the battle. The other 50% will hopefully be helped with staying at WW meetings and support of the class and also this forum.

I will try to post as often as I can, but can't guarantee it will be as regularly as I would like to.

Best wishes to all of you. Stick with it.
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Hi Irene and thanks. It will be good to get out and perhaps make friends there, as my social life is zero. I feel I am just existing - not living. I think I may be around 24 stone or so. I know losses on WW will be slow, but had I for instance started two years ago and stuck to it, I would be around 12 stone or so by now. So although slow, it will be a downward trend. I will post on this thread tomorrow after the meeting. Have a good evening Irene.


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Welcome to our little corner of minis

hope you enjoy your class - I find the one I go to is brilliant and I come away every week feeling quite motivated :)
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Hi and welcome to the WW board! Good luck with your weight loss and I hope you enjoy your class :)
Thanks, I hope I do too. I have often heard that the people who stay to meetings are more motivated. When I gave the one near my work a try I couldn't stay to the meeting, so it was simply getting weighed and leaving and I only stuck with it a couple of weeks. The last time I was losing significantly well was 10 years ago when I stayed to meetings. However I stopped and thought I could save the meeting fee and do it by myself. I think the thought of being weighed each week and staying is more motivating. For instance you can get away with cheating if you are not being weighed weekly, but a weekly weigh in is likely to keep a person on the plan. I am a bit concerned how I will use up the 31 points I think I should be on, as I have to be careful not to eat fruit, bread, pasta and rice as it raises my blood sugar readings, but no doubt the WW leader will help me there.


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S: 17st2.5lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33 Loss: 3st9lb(21.21%)
while you are on high points
if it were me I would eat full fat cheese and full fat milk and yogs then as you need to save a few points move over to half fat then fat free
also you will be able to eat plenty of meat etc
you will find if you are not so careful in choosing 'deit' foods you will be using those points then cut back as you go down the points


Hiya Chucks!!
Hello and welcome to the ww section.
I wish you all the very best with your weightloss journey.
Im sure you will meet lots of new peeps at that meeting tomoz...good luck :)
It is a good job I am taking a statin for high cholesterol then if I am going to have full fat foods!!! Seriously though, I have a question. They say if you don't eat all your points you are likely not to lose so much. How does that work then, because surely it is all about calories. If I ate porridge for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and for instance a WW or Tesco Light Choice evening meal with added veg, that would take me way under points. So in fact the theory of WW is I would not lose weight because I am not eating all my points. However, say I was eating that but not doing WW but calories, then I would lose weight - how could I not lose weight because it would be 1200 to 1500 calories or so with some fruit added. I really don't understand why a person on 30 points must eat 30 points or she won't lose.


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Hi and welcome to WWs board. Not sure why the points need eating but they do and losses are larger when you do. I was nearly 30 stone when I started and the weight came off well munching them all.

Your suggested menu is a great start and would be about 12-14 points depending on your evening meal and whether all your veg were free - thats below the bottom points for WW of 18. You could add in a low fat yoghurt (1.5 - 3), skimmed milk 1pt (2), a jacket spud (2.5) - all healthy items (These would take up 6 per day of your allowance) which supply things like calcium that your body needs. That leaves you 12 for other things - a treat or a drink or just higher pointed meats or meals.

Don't deprive yourself there is no need the weight will come off on all the points I lost nearly a stone in my first week and over 100lbs in a year. Sandy did even better she lost 9stone in her first year and ate all her points.

Hope that helps

Hi all and thanks for your advice and good wishes. Just a quickie as I am typing this at work, and I have piles of audio typing to get through and my boss is in any minute now. (My home computer is at PC World getting fixed). I joined the WW class last Sunday at a weight of 24 st 9 lbs. The leader is nice, although I was surprised only 6 people stayed, although I queued for over 30 mins to get weighed - lots of members for that class. It was good to go on a Sunday. I have always given up before because evening classes are very tiring. I am counting my points, but will be surprised if I lose. If I do lose then it will be easy peasy and I am eating loads for 31 points. I will keep you all updated, and best wishes to you all.
WW is not working well with my blood sugars. I refuse to go to WW meetings and lie and say I am eating all 31 points. To eat all those, I have to bulk out the diet with stuff that makes my blood sugar high. The only way I can keep it under control is the way I lost 11 stone before, and that is by low carbohydrate and avoiding bread, pasta, rice and fruit. I can't eat 31 points avoiding those things. The only way I can reach 31 points is by eating fat, which I am not prepared to do. I am going to low carb again. Good luck to all of you on WW, but I need to consider my diabetes which I am not going to risk just to say I am eating all 31 points a day. My diabetes will go away when I have lost several stone, as it has done in the past so I will low carb again. Best wishes to all of you - you are all doing well.


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Hi pam hun i can relate to exactly what you are saying i 2 cant manage the 35 points and ended up eating far 2 many carbs and as u know i have quite a few health issues so from Monday i 2 decided to low carb as well but just like you low carb and low cal and be in ketosis.
This past 5 days have had so much energy and les pain in my legs and back and also no cravings for sweet thing which i weird lol.
I have stuck to 20 grms or less of carbs so have been in ketosis the past 2 days. I remember from reading ur low carb menus on ur blog you had that your diet was fab and if you dont mind i would luv some help and advice with my food choices.
Take care Pam looking forward to chatting to you soon and maybe we can meet up soon as its been ages since i last saw you.
Hope the girls are good and that you are having a good day xxx

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