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Goat herder(ess)
I wouldn't do it if I were you, Splendarella. Although it shouldn't take you out of ketosis, it's still adding some extra fatty calories which are harder to get rid of.

Maybe try Anja's recipe in the Recipes section for cottage cheese as I think that actually turned out to be the same kind of thing as paneer, bizarrely enough! :)


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Don't do it - it sort of defeats the point of following a restrictive diet if we make exceptions for things we forgot were in the fridge!
Thank you ladies. I wasnt sure. I would rather be doing this diet than Atkins. The other day I cooked some Heston finest beefburgers from Waitrose and on the first mouthful all I could taste was grease so I binned them both. Lesson there being 'make your own!' xx


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Lesson there being 'make your own!' xx
That's been the number one lesson for me: that even the so-called "Healthy Options" manufactured foods tend to be stuffed unhelpful with extras and I had to learn to take a few more minutes to mix up my own.

Which reminds me - I have biscuits in the oven!

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