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Panic! Panic! Panic!


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Late last night I had a massive binge. It was about 60 syns! :eek: :eek: :cry::cry:I've been doing SW for almost 7 weeks and have been as good as gold. How on earth do I compensate for all those syns? Would it be stupid to cut out my Hex A and Bs for the next couple of days. (I weigh at home on Sundays.) I'm also going out for lunch today to Nandos, which won't be very highly synned but there will be MORE syns in my meal. I desperately want to get back on track but I don't want to have gained weight at my next weigh-in.

I'm really upset and angry with myself because I have been so dedicated and I wasn't even really hungry! :rolleyes:

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bless you. i had a binge last night too. I'm going to keep my syns lower for the rest of the week,5-7 a day and eat lots of free meals. Try to fill up on fruit and low cal free foods between meals. These things happen from time to time, draw a line under it, today is a new day on your weight loss journey.
Good luck for the rest of the week:)

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Hun...do not cut out your HE's at all. Just reduce you syns to 5 per day and then eat loads of super speed foods and drink lots of water. This will minimise damage.
Ah we all do it hun. Just do as the others say, cut syns down to 5 a day and increase your speed and superspeed foods and to keep up the "superness" increase your superfree too!!
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I know 60 syns sounds like a huge amount, but let's get in in perspective.

60 syns of food with no 'free' value equals 1200 calories. A pound of fat equals 3500 calories, therefore at worst you have gained one third of a pound.

Just get back on track - don't starve yourself to try and compensate as this is more likely to trigger another binge as you feel down and deprived. You are HUMAN and cannot be perfect 100%. The best way of minimising the damage is to truly move on and not allow yourself to be bullied by your own conscience

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Really wise words from everyone!

Try not to panic or get upset - this happens to everyone from time to time. If you've actually calculated that you've had 60 syns, this is a great start because you know what the syn damage is.

How many syns have you already had this week?
Have you worked out what you can have at Nando's for the lowest syns possible?
Have you worked out how many syns you'll go over by for the week if you stick to 5 a day from now til Sunday?

Drink oodles of water and have as much superfree food for each meal as you can...instead of having pasta and/or meat try making things like butternut and swede mash, or a vegetable bolognese, or stuffed vegetables (I love doing stuffed BNS when I'm in need of a drastic speed food binge!)

Also, this is a bit late but something to think about for next time (sorry if this sounds a bit preachy, I don't mean it to!)

Why let a stressful day lead to a binge, which in turn leads to added stress?! Look at you today...stressed because of the food you ate last night!
If you can turn around the stress by saying to yourself...I am going to have something hugely healthy, totally SW friendly and it will make me feel brilliant about my body and maybe even help alleviate the stress of the day!

If you try to get out of the habit of emotional eating, it will really help you long term. Rewarding yourself with less healthy foods isn't really rewarding yourself because it leads to guilt and worry. Is it really worth a few minutes of pleasure for the subsequent worry?!

When you're stressed and tired and the last thing you feel like doing is cooking - that's when you reach for the freezer, which is stocked full of portioned up food that's ready for situations like last night. Then, allow yourself a wispa or packet of crisps, whatever your choice...for a reasonable amount of syns!

As for this week...try not to panic. It's done now and all you can do is limit the damage, move forward and don't beat yourself up about it!

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ive found ive been binging more since im not losing much weight as im just bored of it all. and its like i have a crap week, then im good, then crap again!
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Ok, I'm going to make you fell soooo much better. I started SW Jan 5th and have been losing steady since. I've had a bad * wk this month and went off the rails Thursday and Friday, let me make you feel much better, this is what I ate (syn wise)...

Thursday: 1x ripple, 1 lrg twix, choc fudge cake, spag bol with real mince (on a green day!) 2x Hi'Fi's 3 baby bells
Friday: Lots of Vokda and SL Tonic, 6x mini battenburg's few slices of cheese, 1 lrg twix and a kit kai chunky

Now, this was all on top of HEb's and my free food AND on top of 45 sins that has been counted so far this week. This is the first time I have feel off the wagon and the damage has been doubled because I can literally eat for England when it's "that time". I have started completely fresh today (I weight in Tues), I'm going to have not more syns til then and go to the gym everyday. I KNOW that there will be a gain but the main thing is to force myself to face the music and WI.

I hope my little debacle has amused you and I hope you realise you ARE NOT ALONE, we ALL have slip up's and this is mine!!!

Get back on the wagon and enjoy the ride!! xx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
stop putting so much pressure on yourself. it was one night... don't panic! you can't go through the rest of yourlife without blips and a bit of enjoyment!

i had a few days off plan but this turned into a week! i was stressing about it so much so that i avoided class completely this week.... i weighed myself expecting a massive gain but it would be a pound or 2 at the most, which will be gone this time next week. i'm back on plan now after several failed attempts this week.

i'm under huge pressure and stress at the moment so i'm not going to beat myself up over the fact the SW is going a bit tits up at the moment.... it's completely naturaly to wobble sometimes ;)

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