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Panicing - SS+ and bars



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yes you can have 2 shakes (or 1 mousse + 1 shake), 1 bar and a meal on SS+ :)
Thank yooooouuuuu!

Was so worried I'd ruined the week!
Phew thanks curly.

Quick question, how do you go about measuring your veg? I find the 2 tablespoons thing difficult to estimate!

Whats your fave SS+ meal? Are you SS+ing for good now?


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Hey hon
I have only done it for a week and have only had veg once my mum did it with chicken for me and just had some cabbage and broccoli..
I have been having cucumber and lettuce just like a handful really.. Its hard to judge but I know I have never come out of ketosis so not going to drive myself mad about an extra bit of lettuce..
It is hard though as they dont really tell you how much to have properly..
Good luck x
Thank you. I wish they had veg weights we are allowed, would be so much easier!

I've been checking and haven't come out of ketosis either so I should stop worrying really.
Thanks for the advice hun


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My CDC has told me to avoid bars whilst on SS+ (Option 2) because of the extra calories - I actually put on weight when I started it last week. (Mind you, so did she when she started it! ;)) I'm now having just one or two bars a week (the days I work basically) and will do Option 1 on those days, rather than Option 2.

But as you can see from the other replies, everyone reacts differently! :) I've never come out of ketosis the whole time I've been on the diet, and I'm still losing inches, so I'm not going to get too hung up about this unless the weight gain becomes significant (then I guess it's back to SS for a bit :sigh:). There's certainly no need to panic - just try different options to see what works for you.

(PS. KD has just told me that cranberry and peanut bars have less carbs than shakes!)
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I have been doing ss+ for 5 weeks. I don't get too caught up on the 2 tbl spoon of veg, I just have a small portion....whole meal fits on a side plate, I just treat it as a snack and the weight is still comming off.

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