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I thought that when I grated 28g for risotto the other day. Think it's because it's grated that it looks so much...when it's just a 28g block of ordinary cheese it looks like nowt! lol!
REALLY!!! that is amazing!!!!! so u can have that as a healthy extra but how many syns if syning? is it 5 ish???
ohhh yeah i love cheese!! i havent had any syns today so can do carbonar wich will be 10. 28g parmesan - 6 and 2 slices of bacon - 4syns yeah??? the other stuff is free in it isnt it ?? (Fromage frais)


Finding inspiration
I once made a quorn bolognese and decided to weigh out the 28g of parmesan to put on top, thinking it would be a reasonable amount. I think I used less than half of it. It was just too much! So yes, you're reading right... and as mentioned above, would probably be LOVELY in a risotto!
Oooo On my syn list it says 1 tablespoon level of course of Parmesan is 1.5.

I have a lovely dish I cook with it.. will post if later if you want?

*Wanders off confused*
oo yes please that would be great love!!!! cheese!!!!

Vegetable Lasagne for GREEN DAY
3 syns the whole lot(using triangles as one of your HB)! Or nothing if you use 28gms of parmesan from allowance B and the other triangles from your allowance... you get the drift.

All veg that you like including onions.. chopped.
Tin of tomatoes
Herbs - garlic, oregano, anise, salt, pepper, parsley and any other you like. (I add chilli too fresh rather yummy!)
Sheets of lasagne
Fromage blanc.. which is your quark.
2 level tablespoons of parmesan 1.5 syns per level tablespoon.
Light Laughing Cow Triangles.
Spray light

Few sprays in pan and lightly cook veg off... start with onions.
Add herbs, leave to cook for a minute or two add tin tomatoes.

Get out deep dish and layer up with veg pasta veg pasta finish with pasta on top.

In a bowl or jug add your quark and 3/4 of parmesan and mix... then pour over the top ensuring you cover all the pasta.

Sprinkle the remaining on the top and add some laughing cow light triangles dotted over the top.

Bake in moderate oven till brown... then eatttttttttttttttttttt!!!

To me this is a large dish and will serve the whole family but if you wanted to keep it to yourself well whats 3 syns!!

Vegetables I add...

French Beans
Kidney beans (tin of)

Always think it is nice when you see a pic of it too...

Happy eating!

That looks lush!!!
OH MY GOD!!!! that looks amazing!!! and may curb my chees craving!!! thanx sooo much x x x
Just printed that out, will file it away in my sw recipe book, im gonna make that next week, thanx tonns, willlet u know how it comes out xxxx
Is 28g of the already grated parmesan (In like the tube looking pot) also a HEa? or is it just fresh parmesan...? xx

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