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party last night!

So last night i went to a party.......stupid place didnt do water! WTF?!?!?!
So i dont think its allowed but got 1 SMALL bottle of rose wine and a small glass of diet lemo.......had half the rose wine if that...........you dont think i did much harm did you?

An off the buffet i had 1 peice of ham and less then 30g of cheese (i hadnt had two of my snack in that day) pretty proud of myself for this as my bf was eatting all sorts sausage rolls, val au vonts and coz im nice i made up his two rolls with lovely fresh white barms my mouth was watering but i resisted hehe!!!

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well done on resisting!! i couldnt have...well i didnt my bf ordered a takeaway last night and i had a parmo (chicken with cheese, mushrooms and chips =[)

im very disapointed with myself!
gawwd i know. my bf keeps teasin me by buying chocolate and eating pasta in front of me. i love pasta...i really miss pasta =[ lol
im into my 2nd and after my lapse last night im gonna be super strict for the rest of the month.

iv been shopping and iv banned carbs from the house .OH aint happy but hes gonna have to live with it hehe.

and mmmmm macdonalds i wish id had one instead of a takeaway lol.
Do you know, since being on CS, the thought of having a McDonalds actually quite sickens me now.... I don't miss chips, or bread or owt like that....

I'm quite lucky as well cos the OH is wanting to lose some weight, to then try and build muscle, so he is starting to eat what I'm eating... it's a great help!
youve been on it a few weeks longer but hopefully ill be getting to that place soon. i dont really miss bread its just the other things but hopefully my cravings for them will be gone soon.

however im getting really full just by drinking a shake and am not managing the six meals a day.

my enormous stomach is finally start to shrink!
whats your favourite food that you miss? im just trying to be cheeky and get everyone craving!!!
mmmm roast potatoes. yum. fried rice yummm. not so sure about the squid tho. i really miss yorkshire puddings and crumpets i got addicted to crumpets its all i could eat. ooo i also miss noodles, i bloody love noodles and well iv just done a very silly thing reminding myself of this stuff. i miss soooooo much lol
oooooooo my bf was eatting noodles before i was like 'giz a smell' lol but before he got them he said 'u sure ur ok wit me eatting these infront of them' so he ate them smelt fit and i had the berry CS bar MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM lovely NOT!
blokes are so bloody evil lol! does he every hold the plate right in front of your nose to tease ya. or is mine the only eveil one
smelling just makes the urge to resist that much harder but i commend you for having willpower!
hey thats probally a useful tool to have.

if you could train people to do that they could just "have" there favourite food without actually gaining weigh

you could make millions!!!!

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