Past Experiences Please!


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Hi all i was just wondering for those who have been on cd for a while or were doing cd this time last year what choices they made at christmas time and what were the consequences of these choices losses gains (if you can remember). I know we are all different and will be effected in different ways just think it may help to put into perspective for all of us stuggling with our decision of what to do over the festive period.
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ohh good question, ill be interested in any replies too!


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I did the diet over Xmas back in 2005.

There was loads of debate on here about what to do but I stayed on SS over the entire period.

It made me realise that I can do the fun family stuff without eating and that is a learning I still have in place.

Lots of people on the forums said they would stop for a few days and then just get back on but a large percentage never did.

My advice is if you are totally focussed and doing well on a VLCD then stay on it, it is just one day and you don't need food to be with your family and friends and have a great time.

I actually found I had more fun as normally I would have been pissed and full at 8pm but I was up playing charades at 10pm full of life.

Don't forget though if you do want to have something then talk it over with your counsellor, maybe drop up onto 810 so you can have some turkey and vegetables.

Whatever the choice you make though realise that it is a choice so don't beat yourself up about it either way and have a fantastic Xmas and a great New Year.


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Excellent advice as ever from Mike.

Just to throw in my own tuppence worth, I would say that if the decision itself is a struggle then you may well end up struggling to get back onto cd, as I am guessing that past experiences are telling you subconsiously not to risk it.

Whereas if you were the type of person who could have a cheat and get straight back onto a diet with no problems then you probably wouldn't be debating with yourself in the first place over the decision - you'd just confidently decide to have Xmas off and that would be that....if that makes sense?!!

In a roundabout way what I am trying to say is that if you are struggling with the decision rather than just thinking about/planning it, then it may be an indication that you will struggle afterwards?

Good luck whatever you decide xx

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Well said Mike.

I will be low-carb on xmas day and boxing day, but i'm not drinking, or going overboard. And then i shall be aiming to maintain after xmas.


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Thanks for all of your words of wisdom and usefull advice i guess i thought that id post and recieve all of these horror stories of people gaining stones and i guess maybe i was seeking that so as to get a reality check before christmas arrives. I guess the problem is fear of falling off the wagon i have been 100% ss from day one 12weeks ago im a kind of all or nothing person. My main concern is so far ive been able to hide the fact im on cd from certain people especially my 2children who have not yet noticed i just dread sitting down at table with family and not eating not because i want or need to eat but because i feel i should (if that makes sense)

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I was SS'ing this time last year. When I started CD in Oct 2007 I made a promise to myself that the first time I would eat would be Christmas day. Even when times got tough on SS I kept ploughing away at it because of this.

For Xmas dinner I had a bit of everything (and when I say a bit...I mean a bit) my lunch was on a side plate, and I left half of it because I just couldn't manage it :eating:
On Boxing day I got right back to SS again, all the way through to New Years Day again when I had another lunch.

I carried on SS'ing and lost 5lbs during that week.

I remember coming onto Minimins to see what everyone else was doing about Xmas and I saw a few posts where people said that they just couldnt get back into CD after they had eaten at Xmas. As I managed to get back into SS with ease I wondered then what all the fuss had been about. However, into the New Year I found it very difficult to focus again - I think that once I'd got the taste for food I found it very difficult to go back again.

I did carry on SS'ing for another few weeks and then I went onto 790 (now 810) and carried on from there, but found it a struggle afterwards.

On the plus side though, I have managed to keep most of the weight off that I lost with CD - so its all good!! :p

Hope this has offered you an insight into someone who was in your shoes this time 12 months ago ;)

Hope whatever choice you make goes well - The 810 meal suggestion by Icemoose is a good one, allowing you to participate in a meal with your children.

Kirsten x