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pasta 'n' sauce question


I want to be fitter again
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not if you have them as a meal with a salad or veg x


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For the long run and your health it may be worth having less of these as they contain a lot of salt (and although I know SW is not based on Calorie Counting they have more then if you would make it yourself from scratch). Agree with Brightonrosie, probably not the best snack choice to have though.


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I have about 2 per week of either pasta n sauce OR mugshots, but I always put lots of veg in them, even the mugshots, which I put into a bowl once ready and add steamed veg. I've had losses every week. I wouldn't snack on them though. And to be honest, my kids much prefer the homemade pasta sauces I make, but for something quick for dinner, it works for me. I think as with everything that is classed as free, it's about moderation.


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I use the pasta in sauce in quiche sometimes but im not a fan of the mugshots - I wouldnt snack on pasta in sauce though cos its more of a meal in my opinion


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I snack on mugshots maybe 3 or 4 times a week and I'm having fantastic losses - maybe that is just cause I've got so much to lose. Don't often have pasta 'n' sauce though, think I've had it once since I've started the SW plan :rolleyes:


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I lost over two and a half stone in my first 10 months on SW (seems SO long ago!) and I was virtually addicted to the mushroom pasta 'n' sauce (RIP), and would EASLIY eat 10 packs a week, sometimes two at a time! lol

Follow the plan (including your 1/3 SF if you're on EE) and what SW says WILL work, no matter how peculiar it might seem!

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