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pat on the back required please

omg thats fab it took me weeks!!!!
omg thats fab it took me weeks!!!!
aw thanks hun,:)
don't forget...i have LOADS to lose, the more you have to lose the quicker it comes off in the beginning...especially in week one.

I've done sw 3 times now, weight watchers 3 times and Cambridge diet ONCE.... I know the first week is always the bigger no matter what diet I do...(for me anyway).
So, I know it'll slow down from now on.
so I have to stick to sw no matter what.... I have to be strong!!!!:rolleyes: xxx
Well done you ! That's fantastic :)
Thank you :)

Congratulations to you too...wow, you've lost loads, I bet you feel totally different now.

I did try xenical (sp) but didnt keep it up. I could use it in conjuction with sw I guess...maybe when things slow down for me.

:patback: well done you must be thrilled !!!! x
Thanks Tina,

wow, well done to you too.
I didnt see your 10lb come off. Did you lose that this week?
I'm in team FBI so havent checked out the angels team. xxx
Wow that's great! I want some of what you are having! Ha ha
cheers Taz, :D
seems like you've had a lot of what I'm having... your w.loss is great :)

not that luckey it's taken me 7 wks started sw June 10th!!!!!!
apparently the slower it takes to come off the less chance there is of it coming back on.

If we all stick together and keep with the plan we'll all get there, we know that, coz the diet does work, it's just a matter of time.

My old consultant said to us one Christmas...
"do you know what you wore LAST Christmas day"?

and we all said 'yes' even though it was a year ago.

and she said to us, "well there ya go, that was a whole year ago, and that has flown so quickly hasnt it"?

What she was trying to make us see that when we are in the process of losing weight it seems to take forever but when you think about it, a year goes by so quickly and if we stick to the plan then most of us will be at the weight we want to be in 12 months time. If we're not at our target weight then we won't be far away. And if we put it off, then another year will go by and we won't be where we want to be.

THat's the way I took it anyway.
Sorry to babble, but if I remember anything that she said to me then it will be that. It made a lot of sense to me.



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that is acctualy really usefull!! you just think its going slow cause you want it off now!! but in a year from now you rather it be gone than still the same ;)
that is acctualy really usefull!! you just think its going slow cause you want it off now!! but in a year from now you rather it be gone than still the same ;)
Exactly :D

if we remember this then we should be ok. :D

I just weighed out some prawns to have as a hexb and am sooooo happy to see the amount that I'm alowed.
142g, it's quite a lot of prawns.

for lunch I'm having (GREEN DAY) :

boiled basmatti rice FREE
sweetcorn FREE
finely chopped peppers FREE
and about 2 syns worth of low fat thousand island dressing...
all served cold.

TOTALLY yummy :eat:
and also some diet pepsi for sweetness :party0027:

I also have my sugar free jelly setting in the fridge as we speak,,, i can have the whole lot for just 1.5 syns, and it fills you up and takes away any sweet craveings..... xxx
I have to add that I dont eat the whole lot of jelly at once, maybe over 2 days but if i want it it's there and I can eat it all if I really really want to :eek:)
It doesn't matter how much you have to lose you lost and well done to you

A great start

Irene xx
thanks Irene :D I'm proud of myself, and just hope so much that I don't go back to bingeing.... I really don't want to bang my own drum only for it to break in two shortly after....

I lost 4st last year on CD and gained it all and more this year... so I have to keep my head in gear for this to work, but I know I can do it, I want to do it soooooo, there we have it :D I WILL DO IT :D:D


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