Patrick Holford Low GL Diet


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Hi all... I am starting my journey soon following Patrick Holfords Low GL Diet.. hes been a top nutritionist now for over 20 years, and has helped all kinds of people lose weight, get healthy AND clear up long term health problems, help find allergies and there links to weight gain etc etc etc.... just joined his Zest For Life club and going to follow a 6 week plan. I am now currently just finishing Lipotrim and today (friday 1st Feb 2013) is day one of my re~feed.. have to do this for a week, then onto Patricks Healthy Low Gl plan ..... hope some girls out there can join me? Would be great to get a thread going for tips/advice & support as well as what you get when you join Patricks site... Happy days!!!! :D
Good luck to you, you might be better posting on other diets forum as seems to be a but quite on low carb section xxx

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