Paul McKenna "I Can Make You Thin"


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Hi guys,
Whilst buying a mths worth of SF I came across this book for a tenner in Tesco. It comes with a hypnosis CD and DVD. Ive started reading it, thinking I cld use it with SF or after Ive reached my target weight but its amde me think how ridiculous SF is long term and how we should all do Pauls way!!

Unfortunatly I have a mths supply of SF and am too scared to do what he says for fear of it not working...
Basically he reckons by following his 4 golden rules we can eat what we like when we like, and his cd will give us the power to hear our bodies say we're hungry and need food and if we aint angry we wont eat, if we r, we can simples!! Sounds pretty good 2 me!!
He says that all these fad diets might make us lose weight but keeping it off is unlikely 2 happen as we have brainwashed ourselves to ban ourselves from having foods we want and ignoring when we are hungry by eating "when we're allowed" y our diets or by having a shake etc. This makes us store fat; much like a camel!! Cos our bodies r starving, being ignored and not getting the food they need so when we give them food they store it as fat to have next time we refuse to feed ourselves when hungry.. It sounds really gd! Cant wait til next mth now to start doing it!!
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scottish lass

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i watched his programmes that were on sky. i tried it, lasted a day. hope you do better. would like to know how you get on


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I have this book, and the main points that have really helped me is
-slowing down and actually recognizing when I'm full
-It also made me recognize that alot of the time I was hungry it was emotional rather than actual hunger
-It helps boost your self esteem which i believe is the main point which makes it work.

I'm not miserable about how fat i am so i dont look to food for comfort.

And if i do make a mistake I dont feel like a complete failure as the book emphasises that we all make mistakes and I'm not a bad person because of it.

The way I interpreted SF in relation to this book is that, although he discourages diets... SF is slightly different.

I am not told what to eat everyday- I can choose dinner/snacks

I dont ignore my hunger - I dont feel hungry because of shakes/snacks

There are no banned foods, biscuits crisps etc. I'll have just smaller portions.

I also have noticed that SF makes me think more about what I am eating, becuase of the 100cal snack rule I look around for foods check their nutritional value etc.

I think Paul made me look closely at my relationship with food.
SF has made me more conscious of the nutrional/quantity side of things., and helping me get in control.

I think they make a good pair!

I am pretty confident that when I come off SF I'll be able to maintian;)....fingers crossed!!!!


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I'm finding the cd really really good but you have to get in the habit of using it regularly; i find i have a visualisation now that seems to help me when i get "emotional hunger".. I can't tell you all the content on the cd as i don't remember it all (which he tells you can happen). I say go for it Sacha; it's not mind control, his theories aren't dangerous at all so nothing to lose and everything to gain xx


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I brought this book/disc sometime ago. I listened to it every day (fell asleep every time). It does make sense, I found that I wouldn't be hungry at "tea time" when the family ate, but about an hour later I was starving so cooking again became a pain. I agree that
SF isn't a long term solution. I'm using it to lose (hopefully) those first few stone because i generally just feel fat so need a boost. Once i have got into the habit of eating a healthy meal and controlling my portion sizes I'll introduce a healthy lunch. As I'm not really a first thing in the morning brekkie person I'm quite happy to stick to having a shake as i do like the taste of them. I just need to stop my "ow a choc bar and packet of crisps" is all I've got time for habit.


S: 10st3.5lb C: 10st0lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st3.5lb(2.44%)
Im too scared to try it b4 i lose the weight in case i put it on!! But I will try the book once Im at my happy weight! Im gonna do this til the end of the mth n then do Weight Watchers to re teach myself how to eat normal food again! Cos I put on weight cos I just ate crap cos i cldnt b bothered 2 cook... thats still the case now! Im so lazy the shakes actually dont bother me!! And I have a boring microwave meal or summit for dinner!


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Hi Sacha, i very rarely eat ready meals, because I'm sure their full of additives, but if i do i go for the weight watchers ones and fill them out with veggies. On Monday i had a stir fry using a bag of M&S mushroom stir fry mix added some shredded cooked chicken and a 195g bottle of sharwoods stir fry sauce (this sauce is one that contains only sauce and no veggies) and at only 112cal per 100g, shared between daughter and myself its a nice healthy low cal meal, served with a couple of tablespoons of rice it was really tasty.