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  1. Cupcake29

    Cupcake29 Full Member


    Is anybody doing this or has done it recently?

    Thanks :) xx
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  3. Cupcake29

    Cupcake29 Full Member

    I have been reading the book and listend to the cd yesterday and I have dedcided pm is the way to go!
    I am going to follow the rules as of today and I WILL LOSE WEIGHT!!!!!

    Wish me luck :) xxx
  4. vanwoodle

    vanwoodle Full Member

    Good luck !!! So how's it going?
  5. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    starting PM tomorrow. Done it once before lost 9lb in one week got cocky didn't listen to it again old habits crept it saw one of my friends carry on losing 4 stone in 6 months scoffed at her success but secretly felt disappointed in myself - this guy has helped me quit smoking and cured my insomnia - so Im defecting from SW but am still keeping my diary going. Looking forward to sharing my dairy and day with you and hope you'll do the same :) xx
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  6. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    Excellent day so far!!!!...

    listened to the CD this morning before I got up. Set my alarm half an hour earlier and listen to it while still relaxed and sleepy in my bed. I find that's best because Im not consciously trying to listen to everything that is being said and I am more subconsciously listening and benefiting from being in a very deeply relaxed state.

    I read a few chapters of the book last night just to refresh myself.

    Didn't have breakfast - which was a relief because whatever 'plan' I was on before I always felt pressured to eat breakfast, even if only yoghurt or fruit. So I enjoyed 3 lovely milky coffees - no measuring milk from a jug!.

    Met my best friend for lunch. Wednesday is always lunch out day for me - either with my best friend or my eldest son. It used to be something to look forward to but with the downward spiral of calorie counting and having to pick something I didn't really fancy so it fitted in with my calories or most recently doing SW where I would eat everything on my plate regardless because I planned for it, saved the syns for it and had my day dictated by was nice to just chose what I actually fancied!.

    I had a reggae reggae crispy chicken wrap with chips a pint of diet coke and a small latte. I ate all chips which there was about 15 large chunky ones and where absolutely delicious and ate half of the chicken wrap. I then had another diet coke. As soon as I felt even the SLIGHTEST bit full I stopped eating - that's it in a nutshell.

    About 4 hours later after we had done a bit of shopping... while my best friend had an enormous vanilla cream slice I had a hot chocolate. No even the slightest inclination to eat a fork full or have a cake myself, infact my favourite cake started to look incredibly sickly to me :).

    I'm cooking sausages in sticky big sauce with vegetable and cheese pasta for dinner. But I'm not having any of it... Because I'm not hungry, but safe in the knowledge that if I'm hungry later, as long as I have what I want and enjoy every mouthful and stop when I feel that slight heaviness just at the top of my stomach, then I can eat a Mcdondalds if I like or even chocolate cake or biscuits or ice cream!!....and there will be no guilt because ITS NOT A DIET!!!! :D

    Ended up having a ham sandwich and 2 slices of melon at around 8pm. I Really enjoyed it and think I've had a really good day of eating to live....not living to eat :)
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  7. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    Day 2 nearly done and it seems its going the same way has day one and being a good one.

    Lots of coffee and sugar free cordial today. Didn't have breakfast but ate half a ham sandwich and 6 twiglets for lunch at about 1.30pm and then half an orange at about 3pm.

    I'm cooking pork chops for dinner with a green salad and Olives and hummus.

    Im putting 2 chops on my plate with the salad, because I have faith in myself that I won't over eat and I will only eat one ....I actually want to see me leave the food on my plate instead of just giving it to the hubbs - it's like throwing away my comfort blanket and getting out of the habit of eating everything put in front of me.

    hope everyone is having a good Thursday. Doesn't seem to be many people following PM or is there and Im just talking to a quiet audience? Lol :)

    me thinking it might be more beneficial if I post in the FB group instead :hmm:
  8. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    Only ate one pork chop and half of the salad in the end..

    Just having a hot chocolate before going to bed.

    A really, really good day with PM :)
  9. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    DAY 3.

    Another unbelievably good day!

    was 20 minutes into listening to the CD this morning then 2 of my little furbabies decided to spazz around the bed using my head has a shortcut. So after chucking them out of the bedroom, telling the kids I was going to be a further 30 minutes I put the CD on again and listened to it all the way through.

    Breakfast - nothing

    Lunch - half a chicken fillet burger

    Snack - packet of cheese and onion crisps

    Dinner - half a small portion of curry sauce, boiled rice and chips (it was one full portion that I shared with my Daughter and I ate half of the half portion)

    Im having a few nips of a very nice brandy I treated myself to after my appetite being suppressed so much my normal friday and saturday treats of sweets, chocolates, crisps, breadsticks and dips and peanuts don't seem so appealing, so after not drinking for nearly a month ad still not smoking and not gaining weight I think a treat is in order but I won't be drinking this brandy like water....not after what it cost me! :D

    Is ANYONE on this thread actually following PM hypnotherapy? would be nice to hear from you if you are....will stop me from feeling like I'm talking to myself :)
  10. vanwoodle

    vanwoodle Full Member

    hi!! i followed this a while ago for a few weeks. and had some really good results. have no idea what happened, as i was only a couple of pounds away from my target. just kinda sabotaged myself. stopped listening and it all went to pot! have since regained all i lost and a few more for good measure. i convinced myself i count be trusted around food so went back to sw. have never been able to get a 'diet' head back on. have been thinking about restarting for a while. your posts are really inspiring. you doing really well. i know pm works. i used it to stop smoking and I've not had a cig in nearly 11 years!! gonna dig out my ipod and re read the book over the weekend.
    enjoy your weekend and please keep posting xx
  11. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    Thanks Vanwoodle :)

    check out Diary of a cuckoo - its my diary it's got all my SW days and most recently I've been up dating it with my P.M days too.
    I quit smoking through Paul McKenna hypnotherapy and managed to treat my insomnia via him too. I have great faith in this type of counselling and obviously I am very perceptive to it, and by the sounds of it so are you! :) ....I've also made the mistake of thinking I've cracked it and stopped listening to the cd and following its principles. If I can't make 30 minutes available every day to listen to the CD and follow its principles then I deserve to have a weight problem.

    I recently started a thread called weight control/maintenance by hypnotherapy but I've had so many negative comments on there in regards to the amount I'm eating from a 3 day dairy I posted that I've decided just to post in my diary. Look forward to supporting you though :)
    Lisa x
  12. vanwoodle

    vanwoodle Full Member

    mm...just read your thread you were talking about and i see what you mean!!!! if its any consolation i think your food intake was just fine. i know myself just how little i ate in the first few days of pm. it kinda felt to me, that my body just did the biggest sigh of relief. almost like it believed me, that it was gonna get fed exactly what it wanted so just relaxed!! sounds a bit daft to anyone else i suppose!!! certainly proved to me just how much i was over eating.
    well, i have my ipod charged and the book is my bedtime read. am feeling ready and positive.
  13. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    I'm REALLY looking forward to sharing your journey!...I will help you all I can...we can help each other! :)

    its still 'going off' in the other thread but Ive just posted my final reply won't be posting in there again - beginning to sound like a broken record to be honest. But feel free to post our views might shut some of them (one in particular) up lol :)

    Lisa x
  14. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Guys just a wee heads up, FB groups are not under any circumstances allowed on Minimins, its a rule Admin clamp down on and people have had their accounts suspended/banned in the past for promoting groups, by all means have your personal fb link on your profile but the mention of any FB groups is an absolute no no on Minis.

    I've deleted a couple of posts and edited one of yours Lisa as only a wee bit was FB related rather than the whole thing being lost

    If you could just keep it in mind in future

    Thanks :)
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  15. arcoiris2012

    arcoiris2012 Full Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have recently gone back to PM after a few years off. I started it about 3 years ago but then had to lose weight quickly for a medical so had to resort to drastic measures :-( Since then I did SW and lost 2.5st but then started working offsfore where the right foods just werent available so went back to Atkins which I loved and did really well. Its fine while on the ship but my better half is veggie so wasnt really compatible with home life. Did WW for a bit and went up and down the scales lots .

    So...I have decided that having been on a diet for pretty much 25 years I was sick of it! Decided to start PM again and I must say I am really enjoying no longer being imprisoned by 'appropriate' food choices.

    I am finding I am starving quite a lot, but i think its just the signal waking up in me and my heightened awareness of what hungry actually feels like again.

    It's great to find others that are trying PM...not much support out there is there? I think he should have a forum on his website.

    I have used Minimins before for SW recipes etc so here I am!!
  16. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    Im on day 13 of PM and finding it liberating!....same has you I've been on and off problem being portion control not the food I eat. I tried PM back in 2006 and lost 9lb in a week, didnt listen to it again thought I had it Sussed, but within the month gained it back. Seeing a friend 2 weeks ago 5 stones lighter from doing PM convinced me this is the direction I need to be in.

    I agree there isn't much support on here I did try and start a new thread but unfortunately some are very negative and cynical and think that you're on a one way journey to an eating disorder. You can follow my dairy it has the first 2 (car crash) weeks of when I did slimming world and then it's been PM since. I'm currently into my 5th week of quitting smoking and I can hardly believe I've managed to lose 6lbs since. Look forward to following your journey :)

    Lisa xx
  17. pippatience

    pippatience Member


    I have tried PM to slim for my wedding and lost 7lbs in two weeks without really trying. I went on my honeymoon and stopped listening to the cd and the past year I've put the weight back on.

    I've been on slimming world for years before and I actually ended up fatter than when I started because I was so obsessed with food all the time. That's the great thing about PM you stop thinking about food and it's liberating!

    Anyway I'd like to get back on PM today so I'll let you all know how I get on!

    P.S It would be nice to get a PM forum on here how can we do that? (I'm new to Minimins).

  18. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    i don't know how you start a forum on here - I know there's plenty of redundant quiet threads to do with PM and hypnotherapy in recent posts to any of them really apart from this one (and my diary). Think it maybe because not many people end up sticking with it for the long term but I don't know just sumising. I've finished my 2 weeks today so really don't have to listen to the Cd every day like I have Im even toying with not filling in my food diary anymore on here because I think the longer I keep making a log of things I eat, the longer it's going to take me to get out of the 'diet culture' and I do feel like I'm talking to myself because there's not much support sadly, because there's not many people who are doing PM who are active on here.

    I too have yo-yo'd with slimming world over the years and although its probably been the only 'diet' plan where I've lost a considerable amount of weight in the past it has also encouraged me to eat large portions which in general is my problem....PM is perfect for stopping that. Good luck with your journey :) my weigh in day is tomorrow.

    Lisa xx
  19. arcoiris2012

    arcoiris2012 Full Member

    Hi Pippatience :)'s just the 3 of us then lol!! Let's show them how it's done.

    I think the reason for many people not following or sticking to PM is that it is generally a slower way of losing weight. Also, some people I think are addicted to being on a 'diet'. It is hard to relinquish control of not counting points or syns or calories or whatever. Many people may find it hard to just eat normally after being in the grips of many different plans.

    Thats my take on it anyway lol!

    Personally, I am loving that no food is barred and I can eat a bag of M&Ms for tea if I like...not that I do...but I could! i sometimes have a small portion of food and leave enough room for dessert if its a good one on the menu on the ship...and again just have a little taste :)

    I can't weigh myself until I get home in 2 weeks but I will have been on PM for 5 weeks by then so will see how it goes. I'm not hoping for a huge loss, jut a few pounds will do so that I know I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight :)

    I look forward to following your journeys fellow trancers!!
  20. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Hi ladies,

    I'm not following PM but I really enjoy his CD and his eating principles and wish I had the confidence in my self to be able to follow it without needing to use any other form of "food restriction"

    After a week on a VLCD I'm trying to put some of his principles into practice today/yesterday (technically) before I restart ww tomorrow (wednesday) and will defiantly be using his ideas to help me feel full for longer as I do get hungry days at times.

    I'd love to see how you all get on and I wish you the best of luck for your weight loss journeys

  21. dacuckoo

    dacuckoo Full Member

    2 pounds off for me this week :bliss:

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