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Paul McKenna Weight Loss system DVDs


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Paul McKenna and Cambridge don't really go together I am afraid, the whole point of PMck is about not dieting and changing your mindset towards food whereas Cambridge is all about getting the weight off and therefore is a diet.

I know others such as DQ are much more up on this than myself but I think they aren't compatible.

Hi Karen maybe you should keep them until you have lost all your weight on CD then they might help you to maintain? I can't really say as I havent seen them though ....


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I have friend who is using the Paul McKenna book and cd (compact disc) at the moment in an effort to improve her relationship with food and lose weight at the same time.

She has said that they are really helping her to resolve why she overeats and picks and combat the habit. She tried this last year but only read the book and felt it did not really do anything for her, however, this time she is listening to the cd regularly too and feels that it is helping her to address the issues with her relationship with food- She has been doing this for about 3 1/2 weeks and has lost 5lb and feels that her cravings are much reduced as well as her desire to pick whenever food is present.

Like Mike I have reservations about how effective this kind of thing would be while following one of the CD plans where the type and amount of food you eat is very controlled but I agree with Mrs P that maybe you should keep them to use when you have finished cd and are trying to maintain. I have asked if I can borrow the book to have nose for myself in preparation for moving up the plans and maintenance!


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Hi Karen,

I don't have the DVDs but I have the CDs.
I do actually listen to them sometimes - the emotional eating, craving buster and exercise made easy ones particularly. Although I'm on CD I find they help keep me in a positive frame of mind and also help to remove food as an obsessive focus.

Once I'm back to eating every day I intend using them more frequently to help with maintaining.

They might help you or you might find them pointless just now - but I'd suggest keeping them for once you're moving to maintenance.

Good luck :party0011:
I think they CDs will be good to hang onto when you reach goal and you want to maintain. I personally will be getting them to help with emotional eating and cravings. But whilst on CD i would just leave them to one side because you will just get conflicting messages, thats what i found anyway.

I got the book from the library and when i was reading it i was getting confused and thinking am i dong the right thing losing weight the CD way. So i decided that it would be a good idea to come back to it after I have finished CD.

xx :)
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I too have the book and CD and intend to use them when I get to goal to maintain my weight. I also have emotional issues with food which is why I feel CD is a good diet for me as I need to break those ties.

My sister has been doing Paul Mc's stuff for nearly 2 years, lost her weight and has maintained to within +/- 3 lb for a year. She can't recommend him enough.

I do intend listening to the CD and reading the book from cover to cover in preparation but don't expect to be able to combine this and CD in any way apart from maybe addressing the issues as to why I over-ate in the first place.

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Good morning Karen,
I've got the CD and I think it is useful for helping to control craving feelings and there are good techniques and info which will help when back on food (in my opinion anyway). The only problem I found was giggling at Mr M's slightly pompous delivery :p
That's my twopenn'orth anyway,
I have been thinking of using PMK to help with my emotional eating and some cravings, could anyone reccommend what is best?? I think i read somewhere he also has this jounal thing aswell which helps improve your relationship with food, anyone tried it?? I should be finishing CD soon and i really want to tackle my food problems so that i can maintain well. Thanks in advance xx :)
Just found this thread!

I have the CD Paul McKenna 'I can Make you Thin'

Paul McKenna and CD are very much compatible - what I have found is that the CD's make you focus your mind on your goals and help to get your mind into the right place to stick to any diet plan.

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