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Paul`s Diary.....

Hiya all,

This is my 2nd day on SW and really liking it. I just keep eating at the moment but its the right food.... i hope. I am going to make a list off food eaten yesterday and today below. Please feel free to comment. As i eating to much?

Weds - GREEN - punnet grapes, punnet cherry toms, 2 mandarins, 2 bananas, 2 apples, SW chips with 2 fried eggs cooked in fry light and baked beans. I think thats about it.....is that to much? I made a SW quiche last night and also the Potato and Brocolli bake out this months SW mag. Looking forward to that. :)

Thurs - GREEN - half punnet grapes, banana, apple, try off blackcurrents, just starting on my Quiche salad with no dressing then a muller light. Thats all so far.

What do you all think?


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Alright Paul

Yep, that all looks good to me - definitely not too much. And lots of free food and fruit which is good.

The only thing I'd mention is Healthy Extras. Are you eating these? You should be having 1-2 servings of HEXA per day (calcium: 250ml semi-skimmed milk, small amount 28g of cheese etc) and 2 servings of HEXB per day (fibre: 2 small slices of brown bread, small amount of meat, Hi-Fi bar etc).

If you've got the books, you'll see them all listed just after the free foods. I guess also, I'd be worried if you were having no syns at all. You don't need to have the full 15 a day and it's okay to have a few 'good' days and then have a 'bad' day. I have about 3-4 syns a day and then have a big night out and use up a lot of syns in one night. I still loose.

If you don't have any syns at all, you'll loose weight (and quicker than most probably) but you'll face the risk of falling off the wagon and don't particularly educate your mind or body that bad foods are okay... when limited properly. You also run the risk of not stimulating your metabolism to speed up and get rid of the crap food. If you want something healthy to use as syns rather than crisps, beer and chocolate: try putting some honey in some natural yoghurt (1 syn per tsp) or using olive oil to fry in rather than fry light (6 syns per tbsp).

Don't worry about eating too much food. As long as the foods are free, you'll be okay and should loose weight. Most people argue that you *need* to eat lots and lots of free foods in order to loose weight. I'm not sure about that - but I know I once (not long after starting the diet) ate so much pasta, spaghetti and potatoes one week that I thought it was impossible to loose - and I lost 3lb that week!

Free food is free. Eat it if you're hungry and don't worry. Before, you were probably snacking on crisps and fast food... now you're snacking on eggs, potatoes, fruit and beans. It's all good.

Keep eating what you're eating and you'll experience a great loss. But make sure it's sustainable too - there's no point depriving yourself for long periods of time just so you loose weight... and then putting it all back on again. If you've not got the books or need any info, let us know and I'm sure someone will get back to you.


Thanks for your reply.

I must admit i am so worried about not lossing any weight in my first week I have kind off forgotten about the syns etc!! I so want to loss. The problem is my state of mind....i should explain. Over the past 5 years I have tried lots off diets. I done the Lighter Life one in 2005 and lost over 5stone in 12 weeks. It was amazing and unfortunally i put it all on.

I have now learnt that it is not healthy and you need to have a life style change with food and exercise.

So here I am................

Well I will try and get my head round health extras and try to be more naughty.

I hope that makes sense and once agian thanks for your reply.

I understand what you mean about me falling off the wagon.

Not this time!


S: 16st5lb C: 12st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 24.5 Loss: 3st11lb(23.14%)
It's probably important to realise the long term stuff with Slimming World.

Here's the thing. Diets like Lighter Life, Cambridge and Lipotrim, in my view, are great for fast weight loss... but not all that great at ensuring long term stability. Most of them have some kind of 'maintenance' plan for when you've finished with the shakes etc, but often that doesn't work - as you've experienced.

With Slimming World, you're encouraged to loose weight slowly and permanently. The reason the NHS work with Slimming World is because they've read all the research supporting the fact that Slimming World are better at ensuring LONG-TERM weight loss rather than short term stuff.

It's actually quite stressful for the body to loose weight quickly. I'm not suggesting people should avoid VLCDs all together... but I'm sure most would agree that it's not healthy to do them on-and-off... loose stones and stones and then put it all back on and start all over again.

It is possible to do a VLCD and then come to Slimming World when you've lost most of the weight. Many people have done that successfully and go on to loose in their first week. I don't know if you can face all that milkshake business again... but if you can and you want to be fast, that might be an option for you.

So, yeah, on Slimming World long term you might only loose a couple of pounds a week. You'll be encouraged to eat lots of healthy food and be a little bit naughty every now and again. Like thin people do.

And, when you reach target, you'll be shown how to increase your Healthy Extras in order to maintain your weight... again whilst still being just a little bit naughty every now and again. You'll be encouraged to monitor your weight and as soon as it goes up even just by a few pounds, you'll go straight back on plan and loose it again. Rather than waiting until it's five stone you have to loose, you'll do it at 5lbs. Long term, Slimming World can and does work successfully - there are many on this site who have lost with SW and maintain well. Aside from the odd Cambridge counsellor (and the woman on the Lighter Life advert!), I'm not sure that can be said about VLCDs. Doing a VLCD is great if you can cope with the ketosis side effects, not eating and the cost... but there needs to be some kind of long term plan. Many people come here after VLCDs, because the long term options after a VLCD suggested by Lipotrim, Cambridge etc don't work for them.

But in order to last the long term on SW (cause there's no doubt it does take longer!), you have to acknowledge that you're going to need something sustainable that allows you to live and socialise and be a bit naughty every now and again.

The sad fact is that most diets fail. In the long term, whilst people achieve short term weight loss, most diets don't work keeping the weight off because people go back to their old habits.

It isn't sustainable for you to not eat Healthy Extras or syns at all in the long term - just like it's not sustainable for you to stay on a VLCD like Lighter Life for ever. The downside: it's going to take a while. The upside: if you stick with it and maintain properly, the weight loss will be permanent. You'll learn proper food habits that will enable you to maintain a healthy weight and you will be able to live and be naughty (rarely!) like thin people do.

Good luck with it all,
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I have tried lots off diets. I done the Lighter Life one in 2005 and lost over 5stone in 12 weeks. It was amazing and unfortunally i put it all on. I have now learnt that it is not healthy and you need to have a life style change with food and exercise.
Snap! Exactly the same here, lost just over three stones, felt great afterwards but went mad again with food and here I am having to go to SW and try and change my eating habits (sobs) Good luck Paul.


want to be me again ...
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I was hoping to do cambridge diet as i find it so hard to lose weight and wanted a fast fix ..i was all set to go on it but needed doctors consent and as i am diabetic and he didnt seem to aprove of the diet anyway he wouldnt allow me to go on it ...
I was rather devistated cos i was geared up to start , then was advised to join SW ..i am on my second week and cant believe the amount of food i am eating , and was worried i was overdoing it a tad ..but not only that i am enjoying cooking and feel so good .
I also started at a health club the same week and started swimming 3 times a week something i could never have done before but have to say i feel so much better and more lively ..plus i lost 4lb my first week ..
keep up the good work and with the help on this site we can do it !!!
gilly xxx

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