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paulas starting again diary :)

I everyone I'm paula, from northern Ireland and have been on the sw plan 3 times before ( I think! ). Well each time has been good, lost weight, almost got to target and then thought ' hey I'm fine at this weight!' and eventually slip back into my old habits. So I'm now heavier than I've been since I've been pregnant with either of my children ( 11 stone 9 ) and today is the day I start doing something about it. I'm doing sw at home as money isn't fantastic at the minute plus I have all the books etc and hoping that I'll receive all the support and help I need from u lovely people. Been a minimins lurker for a while and I'm hoping by declaring my diary for all to see I'll be ok! So here goes -

Tuesday 19 th July. EE day

Breakfast - vanilla mullerlight with large banana

Lunch - 2 sml slices wm bread ( heb), 2 eggs scrambled, beans and lots of mushrooms. Tsp of flora original 2 syns ??

Dinner - oven roasted salmon fillet with actifry chips (2 syns for oil as served between 3 of us ) with peas, sweetcorn, greenbeans and carrots

Snacks and syns - 4 ( oil and flora )
*bag of velvet crunch crisps - 4
*3 dairylea triangles ( hea )

Drinks - 4 pints of nas squash and about a million runs to the toilet lol

Total = 8 syns.

Hope this looks ok so far xx :)
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S: 12st6.5lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.3%)
Hi Polly. I am a bit like you. Been on this plan a long time on and off and lost weight but then got to target and slipped back into old ways and put all on again. This time I am doing it slightly different in that I used to be all focused on syns and how many i could squeeze in and get away with. Now I am having hardly any and focusing on free food. The cravings have pretty much gone and if I want the odd treat then I can do. I think that because I was having cake and choc (my favourite syns) the last time, it just kept feeding the cravings so never got rid of them. Well this is my way of looking at it anyway so this time I am knocking them on the head. I too am doing it at home. I got to say though that the last few times I did SW I thought there was something wrong with me as I was losing an average of half a pound a week if I was lucky! Now it is coming off great - 9.5 in 3 weeks so far - again i think to do with me cutting syns down. This forum is soooo great for food ideas and info. The people are great. So encouraging. All the best with your weight loss. x
Awh thank u craftylucyloo for commenting and for ur encouraging words! Think my downfall is just not getting it into my head that sw should be a way of life and not just a quick fix diet! Hopefully get it right this time lol xx
S: 12st6.5lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st7.5lb(4.3%)
This is me totally! Which is why I am having to brainwash my little brain the way I am doing lol. I think once I get to target I will be that brainwashed that I wont reach out for treats and "rewards" like usual and then go backwards again. That's the plan anyway. We all help and support each other on here so feel free to drop in on my diary too. xx
Wednesday 20 th July - extra easy day

Breakfast -
2 hard boiled eggs
Large banana

Lunch -
Tuna and onion sandwich ( heb )
Bag of velvet crunch crisps ( 4 syns)

Dinner -
Pork chop with all fat removed
Baby potatoes
Carrots, parsnips, brocolli and 'fried' onion

Snack -
Sml slice of wm bread ( 3 syns )
3 dairylea triangles ( hea )
Some strawberries

Total syns - 7
Thursday 21st July. EE day

Breakfast -
Nectarine as was in a bit of a rush

Lunch -
Chicken salad with lettuce, tomato, spring onions and chicken pieces
1 slice of sml wm bread ( 1/2 heb )

Dinner -
Chk and black bean sauce - 5 syns ( had lots of onion, carrots and green peppers so hopefully enough for 1/3 superfree )
Boiled rice
Few noodles from Chinese - 3 syns for oil?
Few chips ( literally 7 or 8 ) - 2 syns?

Snacks - alpen light bar ( 1/2 heb )
Few cups of tea throughout day ( hea )

Total syns = 10

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