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PCOS and EE/Green?


S: 18st0lb C: 18st0lb G: 12st13lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi Guys

I have been doing red days for 4 weeks now as I am scared of doing green/EE as I have pcos and know white carbs aren't too good for me, I know wholemeal spagetti, sweet potatoe etc are so much better but wondered if anyone has pcos and does green or extra easy days, eats the wholmeal pasta etc and still has good losses? Just wondering as thinking of doing some green days this week but as I need to get my bmi under 30 asap, I dont want to do anything that risks not loosing one week! xx
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S: 12st0lb C: 9st11.2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 24.3 Loss: 2st2.8lb(18.33%)
I have PCOS, do green days and EE and still have losses. I haven't cut out white carbs but I have cut back. I am also on metformin which has really helped me with ovulation problems and some say it helps with weight loss (not sure - prefer to think it is all down to my hard work!:))
Good luck x


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It is not carbs that are a problem as such for PCOS sufferers, but more the white refined carbs, which have no health benefits whatsoever, as basically a white carb has been stripped of all it's goodness.

Just choose wholegrain pasta/rices, new potatoes in skins are better than just white potatoes or of course sweet potatoes/butternut squash where possible and of course all the grains like lentils/bulgar wheat etc are a great source of fibre.

There is no reason why you can't do green days as long as you choose the right type of foods.

Good luck :)

Lucia Lucia

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S: 24st4lb C: 18st1lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 6st3lb(25.59%)
Hi I have PCOS and I cant lose on Green. I find the carbs make me incredibly hungry due to the insulin resistance and my food intake then is crazyily high. I lose alot on red but it's not my prefered plan. I do EE now but do only 1-2 pasta meals a week as this is what I find seems to stop me losing. I have found red ish EE seems to work for meal:

Next weeks menu plan is:

Mon SW quiche/jacket/salad
Tues Lasangne and salad
Weds Gammon/veg/mash
Thurs Chicken and pasta bake
Fri Toad in the hole
Sat steak and sw chips and salad
Sun Roast Lamb

Lunches tend to be homemade soup or jacket pots with cold meat, quark and salad.

Breakfasts are my hex b either cereal and fruit and yog or toast, eggs and mushroom etc

Hope that helps a bit.


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I have PCOS too and really enjoy green and red days! My loses arn't effected i dont think but i do also take metaformin.

Im not sure i could cope with solid red days! x


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I have pcos was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago, I have been doing sw ee for 6 weeks and in total I have lost 11 1/2lb (may I add I'm also 28 weeks pregnant) I was on metformin since diagnosis but came off it when 12 weeks pregnant! I also concieved while on fertility treatment twice :). I have never ha a problem with my losses on sw wether I eat carbs or not but I suppose everyone is different and we all have our needs for certain things :)