PCOS, Orlistat and Metformin!

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  1. KG2007

    KG2007 Full Member

    Hey guys

    It's been ages since I have been on here but here I am again :)

    So, my doctor has prescribed me Orlistat as I have been TTC for 18 months now with no luck. I took my first tablet on 20th January and have so far lost 3kg- a smaller loss than ones I have read about but a loss no less! To be honest I haven't really stuck at it as I should have but I have my reasons. Firstly, I started taking 500mg of Metformin 3 times a day with the Orlistat and I started feeling really unwell on it. Secondly, it made me really constipated :( I haven't felt that unwell in a long time and I hated it. So I came off it. But now I am back on it. I had the dreaded oilyness for the first time today (sorry if TMI!) and it was horrible. I felt rubbish after and 2 hours later my stomach still hurts. I didn't think I had eaten that badly yesterday but obviously I had more than I thought.

    I'm struggling to find things to eat :( I hate eating boiled veg and salad- I know it's meant to be good for you but there's only so much of it I can take before I see it on the plate and just don't want to eat at all (which I also know is not good for you). Anyone got any good recipes? I would like to keep the fat intake down to around 5% each meal.

    I went to see a nutrionalist who told me that I couldn't have lemons either- anyone else been told this? I love a slice of lemon in my water so was gutted when I was told I couldn't do that anymore.

    Is anyone else here on Orlistat with PCOS struggling to get pregnant? I have been told that until I lose 23kg I won't be offered any more help (i.e. the Clomid tablets). I'm ready to be a mother, just sucks I can't do it right now because of all of this. But I am determined to get there.

    Also, how much exercise do you all manage to do each week? I haven't done any the past two weeks as I have been working 8am-10pm :(
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  3. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

    Hi good that you have lost 3kg :)

    I've read that a mod carb diet 50-150g carbs is good for PCOS..

    You can eat plenty of lean meats, weight watches meals .. Lean turkey bacon, eggs, wild salmon, cooking by grilling, baking in foil, using fry light spray oil.. Yes eating lots of colourful veg/ salad is good for you..

    Constipation try prunes/ juice or tinned - kiwi fruit/ oranges every day

    Exercise helps wit the weight loss .. If you can get out for a walk at lunch time, take the stairs rather than the lift, get off one bus stop before your normal one.. It all adds up .. Just get moving. Step by step :)
  4. KG2007

    KG2007 Full Member

    I've been really good with my eating plan. Plenty of fruit and veg and grilled chicken and veg but for about 3 weeks I have had no loss so I treated myself to some pasta last night. I think I'll be coming off orlistat as it doesn't appear to be working. I find a 7lb loss in over a month whilst on orlistat to be pretty rubbish to be honest and I feel a bit rubbish about it. It would seem that no matter what I do the weight just isn't going to come off. So pregnancy is out the window as well as being unhealthy :(
  5. Panni

    Panni Full Member

    i was thinking like that as well, got really depressed after my appointment at fertility clinic when the said they cant do anything. But then my hubby convinced me to try slimming world out and i found it helped, also i got lucky with having a brilliant cook for a husband. maybe you want to give either weight watchers or slimming world a go, maybe starting from home if you dont fancy paying for it yet, theres great information here on the forum for both plans (or other plans if u fancy giving that a go)

    just noticed it was whole week ago you posted, hows things, any changes?
  6. Pudders

    Pudders Silver Member

    You sound beaten hun. :-( 7 lbs loss in a month is half a stone, better off than on... it may not be coming off as quick as you'd like but you're achieving and losing weight which is fab. Keep going, don't give up. Whilst you're still losing ( no matter how small) then you're still succeeding. Good luck. Xxx

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  7. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    7lbs is great!!!! X

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  8. caroline1985

    caroline1985 Full Member

    i NEED to loose 2 stone by june, imm going on my first family holiday for a long time so i want to feel confident with myself
  9. KG2007

    KG2007 Full Member

    Hi all

    Sorry for the late reply. I'm still feeling rubbish. So rubbish that I haven't been taking my tablets but I am going to start again from today. I have no idea what fitnesspal is but will have a look tonight when I get in from work! Half my problem is that my husband has now decided to tell me that he doesn't want children when he is 33-34 (he is currently 31) so basically I have a year to get pregnant or we won't be having children. I'll be completely honest, I hate exercise! But that wasn't stopping me from doing it. I had days where I just didn't want to and he pushed me to and I did it but apparently that isn't enough.

    So I now have to deal with trying to lose weight, take what feels like a million tablets and decide whether I want to stay in my marriage.

    Anyway, I am at work so must get on. But I'll continue with this tonight after I'm back from the gym xxx
  10. Mis-behave

    Mis-behave Gold Member

  11. Jengen

    Jengen Full Member

    Reading this was like as if I was reading something I had wrote with just slight differences?

    I started taking metformin (once a day for a week then twice a day for a week then three times a day!) and Orlistat on Monday! So just under 1 week. I also have PCOS.
    We have been trying for a baby since June 2009 and we get told same each time we get referred that if I don't loose weight they can't do anything :(

    I've tried so many times on slimming world without diet tablets but this time I knew I needed the scare factor of Orlistat to keep me on track!

    Not read rest of posts yet - going to catch up now :D
  12. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Good luck on the baby front hun, really rooting for you :)

    Hope you get the nice capsule like metformin. My mum has it for her diabetes and it's like horse tablets - they're HUGE and hard to swallow (and break in half!)

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