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  1. BigBurd

    BigBurd Full Member

    [h=5]Weight loss reality day for me. I have not lost anything for 7 weeks and to top it off I am 4lb heavier today :( so that's 9 weeks behind my 2lb per week target for xmas.

    My periods have returned and been regular for the last 4 months (should be happy about that, but I miss not having them) and due to being super heavy they made me anaemic. GP says that will slow metabolism down, I have been on iron for 4 weeks now and have salts to reduce bleeding, energy is back, but weight loss has not resumed.

    I know that my food choices haven't been fantastic in the last week, but I have been religiously logging everything on MFP as I always do. I have to be missing something... possibly over estimating my burns? I'm working so hard (I don't see any point working out if I don't make it count) 6 days a week. I cannot give any more to exercise and the doctor told me not to cut more calories. Feel a little deflated today, not to the point of quitting, but I still weigh over 300lb so if everything is slowing down now what's it going to be like further down the road? Anyone without PCOS at my weight following my plan would lose 10lb+ a month.

    2 months is a long plateau and I just needed to share (sorry for the whine)[/h]
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  3. senami

    senami New Member

    Awww :( I have pcos as well and have gone through exactly what you're going through. I didn't lose anything for 5 weeks, needless to say I added 2kg. I was so devastated. I decided to go off the pill as it gave me a raging appetite. I also went on the Cambridge diet and have surprisingly lost 8 pounds in my first week. Second weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed.
    My point is, since exercise doesn't work out for you, maybe you should try something else. Good luck! xxxx
  4. joayeo

    joayeo Member

    You whine away....totally justified. Its very frustrating when you know you're doing the right thing. I've no advice but just wanted to say keep at it xx
  5. MissAmy

    MissAmy Would rather be sleeping.

    Try measuring yourself in a few different places, waist, bust, arms, thighs etc.

    Little differences there will make you realise you are slowly getting there.

    If you are building muscle that weighs more than fat, so your body fat is probably going down the scales just don't show it.
  6. shonaw

    shonaw Full Member

    i wish i had someone two whine at then i would not feel like i do so if you want someone to whine at iam all ways here we can do it together if you want hi bye the way my name is shona
  7. Squ1rrel

    Squ1rrel Full Member

    I have been doing the GI diet (religiously apart from an odd blip when I was away) for 4 weeks now - I havent been weighing myself on a weekly basis as I always used to hate the disappointment of the scales not moving so I thought I'd have more hope if I left it for a month!

    I weighed myself today and I haven't lost an ounce!! I can't quite believe it and am quite upset. I am also taking Metformin for PCOS which the specialist told me would help me to lose weight but now I'm thinking it's actually having the opposite effect!

    I know weightloss can be a long journey but even if I'd lost a couple of pounds I'd be happy but with no change I wonder how the hell this diet is going to work for me!!

    Sorry for the rant but I'm just not feeling as enthusiastic for this as I have been in the past few weeks :sigh: I'm kind of pleased to read this thread though as I know it's not just me this is happening to!!
  8. Joasia

    Joasia Member

    Hi all,
    I was diagnosed with PCOS back in 2002. Was given metformin for a couple of months and that was it. Now I'm on nothing. I can't seem to lose weight whatever I do. Plus I was told in March I have thyroid problems and I've managed to put on nearly 5 stone in a year. I get so down about it all. I'm going for another scan in 2 weeks time to see what's going on. Just don't know what to do anymore :( x
  9. BigBurd

    BigBurd Full Member

    Thanks for all the understanding :) I slowed down my exercise focusing on strength training again and made sure my net calorie intake is at 1200 and this week I lost 4lb!! I havent had a loss like that in months. I'm not sure if it took time for the anaemia to settle or what. Myfitnesspal is helping me get the calorie balance and iron intake right and making sure I keep sugars low, cos even on a low carb diet, fruit and milk have so much sugar in them!

    Once again thanks ladies :) <3
  10. BigBurd

    BigBurd Full Member

    Squ1rel I feel your pain :( I found that low GI didn't work for me. I've given that a go 3 times in the last 15 years or so. The only thing that is working and has given me this weight loss is protein with every meal (which balances the GI of your meal anyway) and low carbs (no white carbs at all!). I try to eat only whole foods, but allow a treat every 10 days. I also find that I have to re tweak things every few weeks and this whole aneamia thing and iron has been the biggest tweak yet.

    Joasia thyroid +pcos = nightmare :(..... but not impossible I know people who have managed it and say exercise is key. I hope you find a solution soon

    senami 8lb is phenominal!! have you had any further good results?

    Shona :) thanks and likewise I was in a dark place when I started this thread, not usually so frustrated.
  11. MissAmy

    MissAmy Would rather be sleeping.

    Glad you're feeling more positive.
    Anemia is really crappy, I've taken to putting frozen spinach in everything which seems to be helping my iron levels without the stomach ache i get from supplements.
  12. Bina_1983

    Bina_1983 Full Member

    Hi all :)

    I totally understand where you all are coming from I was diagnosed 6 years ago and have always struggled with my weight. I lost three stone about three years ago but consultant still said needed to loose more before I could start fertility treatment ( she wasn't very nice about it and I got extremely down over it and comfort are and piled two stone back on :-(...) now I'm in a better head space and am determined to loose the weight this time I started cambridge plan three and a half Wes ago and although I'm finding it a really tough diet I am sticking to it and have lost 1 stone 2 pounds so far next weigh in us Friday so I gets crossed for a loss! Xx
  13. Hollie101

    Hollie101 Full Member

    I started SW in November 2012, and I've always found it really hard to lose weight, I'm 21 and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17, I've had no help with weight management or anything so I was pretty much left to do it myself, SW's been a massive help, in 11 weigh-ins I've now lost 23lbs which I never expected to do! If anyone has advice on how to help my weight loss along in relation to my PCOS it would be a massive help! xx
  14. Bina_1983

    Bina_1983 Full Member

    Hi Hollie, well done on your weight loss that's great. :) I've been on the cambridge weight plan for 13 weeks and am 4lb off 3 stone loss it's a really hard diet but works! I too have really struggled with my weight. Unfortunately with pcos the lighter we are the better for pcos I tried SW but didn't get great results which is why I switched to CD. I don't really have any tips for SW but I do find this site is really helpful with support and motivation. Keep up the good work your doing really well :) xx
  15. Hollie101

    Hollie101 Full Member

    Oh wow that's amazing!! I know, I've heard that weightloss should relieve my symptoms but it's like a vicious circle! xx
  16. Bina_1983

    Bina_1983 Full Member

    Thanks been really hard but the results are great. After 3 stone loss my periods started again last week so slowly relieving symptoms but I totally understand it us a vicious circle and really tough but worth it in the long run lol! How's your week been? Xx
  17. Hollie101

    Hollie101 Full Member

    Aw that's great! My week hasn't been great, started off fine, but over Christmas I was diagnosed with Gastritis...and I had a really bad attack yesterday morning but now the doctors are saying I might have gallstones (and there's a history) so I've been in agony for 2 days, barely eaten, all I want to do is sleep, and my GP is saying the pain I'm in isn't enough for an emergency appointment....so the week has ended pretty badly!! How has your week been? Xx
  18. Bina_1983

    Bina_1983 Full Member

    Oh no that sounds awful u poor thing. Hope you feel better soon big hugs xxx
  19. Hollie101

    Hollie101 Full Member

    Thanks :)
  20. fannyanna

    fannyanna Member

    Bina - it's comforting to hear that you're weight loss is helping with things. Gives me some hope lol.
  21. pip133

    pip133 Member

    I understand where you ladies are coming from I feel like weightloss and pco I all I think about daily it gets me down that I carnt just shift the weight once and for all. X

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