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pcos, the pill and losing weight

I'm not sure if there is already a thread on here about this-I can't seem to find one though!

I was diagnosed with pcos just over 2 years ago. I've been on the pill basically since then (with breaks in between).

I've been on the low gi diet since January, I lost 3 pounds in the first week and then nothing until this morning where I had lost another pound.

Could the reason i'm not losing as much weight as I thought be down to the fact i'm on the pill? I know that the pill is meant to increase your appetite which is why many women end up putting on weight with it. But I make sure what I eat is healthy-I haven't touched a packet of crisps or chocolate or anything since I started this.

Has anyone else had the same problem as me? Would it be worth coming off the pill for a while and seeing how I get on?
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She's me in a few months
Yes, losing weight with PCOS is hard enough, being on the pill makes it doubly hard. Have you asked your GP about metformin?
Hey Scooterchick

I'm trying to stay off pills but I am seriously starting to consider trying metformin. My doctor offered it to me about 6 months ago but I said I wanted to lose the weight my way and not take pills. She said she didn't blame me really. I'm wondering whether that might have been a mistake now.

Do you have pcos? Are you on metformin? How did you find it...did it work? xx


She's me in a few months
Hey Scooterchick

I'm trying to stay off pills but I am seriously starting to consider trying metformin. My doctor offered it to me about 6 months ago but I said I wanted to lose the weight my way and not take pills. She said she didn't blame me really. I'm wondering whether that might have been a mistake now.

Do you have pcos? Are you on metformin? How did you find it...did it work? xx
Hi Hun,

Yes, I have PCOS and I'm on metformin. It's awonder drug! I finally stopped putting on weight when I started it, it won't magically make you lose weight but it helps along with a calorie controlled diet. Can make you feel a bit seedy, dodgy tum for the first couple of weeks, but stick with it and you'll be fine.

Warning though - high chance of pregnancy apparently!
Hey Scooterchick!

Eating as I have been since January I haven't actually put on any weight-I'm just struggling to lose it. I think i'll go have a chat with my doctor and see what she says.

Oooooo I really don't want to get pregnant right now! It's just not the right time for me.

Hope you are ok xxx


She's me in a few months
Just confirmed this morning - I am pregnant!
Congratulations on your pregnancy!!
I also have PCOS. I started dietting (I did slimming world from October 2007 ) whilst on the pill.... I lost about 2 stone but it was definitely slower than when I came off the pill (March 2008) when I lost a further 2 and a half stone by October 2008. Then I got pregnant! Which was a bit of a surprise - but a VERY good one. I did put all my weight on, so I am back on the diet now trying to lost it again. But I would definitely agree that being on the pill was unhelpful to dietting, but if you don't want a baby right now then maybe you would prefer it to be that little bit slower?
Hi slimyslugchocolate

Yeh pregnancy just isn't an option for me at the moment. I have only just started my career and want to be settled and have some savings or something before I have children. Plus my partner has gone to uni (as a mature student) and won't be finishing until next year. Ideally i'd like us to be living together so we can share the responsibility of children.

Whilst coming off the pill might make it easier for me to lose weight I don't think I can risk getting pregnant. Slow and steady is what I am going to have to go for it looks like!

I had my doctors appointment yesterday-it went ok. I have written what happened in the 'my diary' part but thought I should share on here as well. My doctor said that there wasn't enough evidence to prove that metformin actually works so she won't put me on it-which is fine I think. She asked if I had considered orlistat-which I hadn't, don't think I want to go down that route!

Finally about the pill-she said that it varies from person to person and the best way to find out if it affecting me is to come off it for a couple of months and see how I get on-if it works then great, if not I can always go back on the pill. I started off being on the pill to regulate my periods, i'm now on it for contraception so I had to look into what other contraception I could use. Don't like the idea of the injection or the coil so I looked at the implant thing that goes into your arm. Spoke to my boyfriend about it and he said basically to not mess around with my body and we would just use condoms.

So this week is actually my pill free week-so starting from next week I am officially off the pill! Will keep you all updated on whether it works.

Has anyone tried the implant-did it have any side effects?

Weigh in is on Sunday-took a peak at the doctors and i'm the same this week but I have a few days to change that around! Yesterday I sat in my room and cried but I feel much better for it. I just felt like I was going nowhere and nothing was working but I guess that's the downside of pcos-it is going to take time and there is going to be times where I feel like throwing in the towel. But I can't-because if I don't do something now it's only going to hinder me later on.

Basically I don't know the answer to my question even after going to the doctors! It's all about trial and error :)


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Has anyone tried the implant-did it have any side effects?
Oooh yes...i put on 4 stone. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone, i personally had a nightmare with it in :sigh:

Then again, i suppose everyone is different!! I agree with your other half, that's what im doing now and i feel much better for it :)
Really crazybecky?

Well that's put me off the implant! Think i'll stick to not taking anything, seems like the best option to go for at the moment :)


Green tea advocate!!
Oh yeah, it wasn't the most pleasant of experiences.
I think it works for some tho! The weight piled on, and it was so so difficult to get rid of again too.
I think though at this point i'd rather not risk going on it and then piling on weight. I'm already finding it near enough impossible to lose weight now!

Thank you for letting me know though. My doctor said that she had never heard of anyone who put weight on with the implant which is why I was going to go for it but now I know i'm staying well clear!
Hey guys!

I think i'm about 2 weeks into being off the pill now.

Negatives-my hormones are all over the place. I seem to be feeling awful most days, I struggle to think of a day that I haven't cried about something or other :(

Positives- I ate stuff that I wasn't meant to during those two weeks and didn't exercise and still managed to maintain the same weight. I put on 2 pounds during totm and have lost those two now. When I mean I ate stuff I wasn't meant to it was things like mushrooms with melted cheese on top and white bread (yes white bread and I am meant to be following a low gi diet!), creme brulee and chips!
I'm now going to eat well all of this week and exercise a lot more and see how I get on.

Aside from that one negative I love being off the pill!


Green tea advocate!!
That's great news!! I feel much better for it too now :) Takes a while for your body to re-adjust! Its scary what those tiny little pills can do to you isnt it?!
I know! I really can't believe it-it's weird but I feel healthier for it and I can't believe it took me this long to realise that that pill might have been part of the problem. I can't believe my doctor watched me gain all of that weight and didn't ever think to question the fact that I was still on the pill despite going to see her about my weight several times!

As for my hormones-well they are still all over the place but I think I am gradually getting there. Like you said it takes time for my body to readjust.

It's nice and sunny here as well which is great! I'm even wearing a dress that I bought on Saturday! I want to sit in the park having a nice picnic or something-hopefully if the weather keeps up for the weekend i'll try to organise something :)

How are you doing anyway? How is Weight Watchers going? Ahhh man 34 pounds is a great loss by the way! I can't wait to get even close to that! You must be so proud of yourself :) and so you should be, it's a great achievement :) xxx


Green tea advocate!!
Ah thanks - it's taken slightly longer then i wanted it to, but i would rather it comes off slow and sustainable then quickly and un-manageable. Once i get to my target i want to be able to keep it off for good!! :)

WW is brill - i love the flexibility of it all! I don't deny myself of anything, it is more of a lifestyle change - after all of these weeks im becoming a bit of points calculator too :D

I see you're on the Low GI? How is that going? 7lbs is fab - i usually use those as my milestone but i've given myself quite a big challenge up until the end of May :) Nothing like a bit of a challenge!!

We're supposed to be having nice weather over the weekend too - yayy! I spent most of last weekend out in the sunshine and it was great - two huge walks :) Picnic sounds lovely, you should def do it!!

My doctor didn't even register my weigh gain, i had to go back and complain time after time. I feel so much more natural now i'm not taking anything. I'm hoping my weight loss will rid me of all the PCOS symptoms and eventually get rid of it! lol - wishful thinking!! xxx

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