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peanuts weightloss diary


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well decided to give it a go, this diary thing not sure what to do but will write what im feeling.i am now into week four of my ultra slim diet, seems to be going well averaging on 1-2 pounds per week. but i have a very bad habit of jumping on the weighing scales randomly. which i know is bad as i seem to be staying the same weight. its my weigh in day tomorrow. (wednesday) but for some reason jumped on this morning before i left for work (why oh why do i do it) still at 12stone 12 hopefully tomorrow it will have budged a bit. in not the most energetic of people i really hate this exercise lark. not one for gyms but i go swimming each week and swim breaststroke for 45 mins non stop. every evening i do 40 touchy toes 40 sit ups and 40 side leg kicks on each leg. i know i should be pounding a treadmill in some expensive gym somewhere but i cant its just not me. so tonight ive decided to go to aqua aerobics at my local swimming pool ( love swimming) just about to have my first slim drink of the day strawberry love this one . then one for lunch have also got a couple of slimfast snack bars 90 cals each for today, but my goodness they dont half give me wind!! wheni go shopping on friday will prob chage to special k ones same cals but hopefully less wind looking forward to tea tonight prepared it this morning all hubby needs to do is pop it in the oven having chicken breast new potatoes and loads of veg(mmm could be the veg giving me wind) also have found im a bit constipated which in turn makes me feel so bloated uncomfortable.. mind you have never been one to be regular anyway. so may pop into chemist and get some senekot see if that helps.. easter came and went yesterday mind you was at work all day so that helped ordered hubby to eat the eggs we had been given (but hes only nibbled them:eek: ) but ive been a good girl and not even thought about them.. just keep repeating "its not worth it" want to be slimmer by june so im going guns with this one. will write each day just to help me and hopefully help others will write it as it is and how im feeling

have a good day everyone :D
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well have lost another 2 pounds today quite pleased really. i was surprised really i lost anything havnt gone outside my diet but for the last couple of days have been so bloated full of wind very painful. im going to try and drink more water today and see how i get on.. cried last night poor hubby really suffering with me at the moment . he asked me what was wrong i told him i thought it wasnt coming off fast enough, noone notices it dosent seem to make you feel like you have acheived anything when no one says anything hubby said well ive noticed ... i can see it in my face i suppose my body will follow soon lol. dosent help we have a vile uniform for work blue cardi blue baggy shirts and trousers.. just drank my strawberry drink.. i do love this ultra slim .. just wish i could poo :eek: ill see how the water drinking goes today.. well will check back later

have a good day xx


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day 3 of diary

:) well feeling better this morning still have a bit of uncomfortableness (is that a word) in my tummy will be laying off the sugar free gum today. having a slimfast chocolate crunch bar for breakfast today for a change. yummy love these. then back to the shake for lunch. cant believe how much i have settled into this ultr-slim diet 5th week starts on friday has gone quick. and i suppose 13 pounds is good. im pleased anyway. im on target to lose what i need to by june. bet hubbys tired of me talking about calories etc he says not but i do go on a bit sometimes. he still has half an easter egg and bag of maltesers minstrels and revels left:eek: told he needs to start eating them, too tempting for me lol. i have got to the stage now where i dont want any chocolate now if i fancy a snack ill have a 90 calorie bar instead.. i have found though that im not as hungray as i used to be can go longer now before hunger pangs start which is a good sign.. peoples birthdays at work have come and gone and have not had a share in the cakes and other goodies brought in . would have been a time when i thought stuff this im haveing a jammy doughnut, but not now. hope this stays with me. well back to work now see you all later



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another day

well its another day another doller. feeling good this morning but still wondering when someone will blooming notice that i have lost nearly a stone. do these people not realise how hard it is to lose this much. my size 16 trousers are sagging on me. but noone has really noticed i know hubby says he can notice, but hes biased lol he married to me:) hubby says to get a smaller pair but im scared they wont fit if i do then i will be dissapointed,, so in 2 minds oh well will keep going until they do notice apart from walking into work in bra and panties (ewww) dont know what else to do. but i am really enjoying the ultra slim. lots happier now the wind has finally shifted hard to believe the pain it can cause oh and the trumpets..:eek: haveing a shake for breakfast today. and for lunch not sure yet what im having for tea hubbys cooking. well today is last day at work until monday yay working extra day today (shift swop) should have been last day yesterday but it keeps me out ofthe biscuit barrel:rolleyes: well must get to work now will check in later.. have a good day


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well day off today till monday yay taking my car in front brakes see to be going :( just had a caffe latte shake for my breakfast. going away this evening till saturday night. so wont be able to fill in diary tomorrow.. sometimes feel a little disheartened with my weight loss only seem to be averaging 2 pounds a week think im doing well then you read someone has lost 7 or 8 pounds in a week and im like thinking why not me.. maybe i need to exercise for longer but after doing a 12 hour shift its very hard to motivate myself i still do 40 sit ups each evening before i get in bed and 40 touchy toes and side kicks each leg. and i go swimming once a week. cannot afford to join a gym would be too tired i think advice please.well must get on car needs fixing see you all later xx
not been on for a few days

didnt manage to get on for a few days what with going away last weekend put 2 pounds on but then i knew i would have but good news as of today lost the extra 2 pounds plus another 2 really pleased. i have decided to exercise a bit more not loads mind you but have taken up aqua aerobics which i am really enjoying tiring though lasts an hour. thats twice a week. but i seem to have caught the swimming bug i really enjoy it lots more than doing dvds etc or exercise machines which i am hopeless at but this swimming is wonderful you dont even know you are burning the calories off i just go for an hour either when im off during the week or in the evening 8-9 . begining to feel a lot better in my self too, hubby says he has noticed a difference in me . but apart from me no one seems to have noticed my 1 stone loss hoping when the next stone has gone people will notice. i dont want loads of compliments but maybe a oh you look different would make me feel as if im doing it right. but i am determined to follow my weightloss through until i reach my goal.. cant wait for that.. will log in again tomorrow

have a good day
well back again for another chat on my diary have decided not to weigh my self for 2 weeks hubby has hidden the scales seems drastic but i am getting depressed and the weight loss i am doing everything right but it just seems so slow. feeling so bloated today,,, as peter kay would say cant poo have got very constipated the last couple of days tomorrow i will try and drink more water i know thats the problem but it is the most boring drink in the world. im wondering if its because im going through the menopause periods have been stopped for nearly 2 years now hots sweats during the day and nightime is the pits covers off covers on all night long. does anyone know if thats why its taking me longer to lose my weight i know i should be pleased with what i have lost so far. i have 4 tubs of ultra slim left and i wil finish it all.. i enjoy doing this diet so im hoping by the time it all gone i will have lost another stone. but no weigh in for me tomorrow or next week will know the week after seems a long time but i was standing on scales every day. 1 day up a pound the next down 2 then up again.. so im hoping it wil be a better surprise this way.. will keep you all posted as to how i getting on


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sorry not been writing up on diary

thought i would pop on a update my weightloss diary. havnt done it for a few days now have been busy with work and other bits a bobs weight is coming off slowly (almost a standstill) god how hard is this weightloss thing... i have 35 pounds to go and you say to yourself how hard is it to shift 35lbs well its blooming hard!:( still have a few tubs of ultra slim left will take me to the begining of june will see what goes off then have set my goal this month of a 10lbs loss:eek: lets hope i can do it.. today have only had a ultra slim for brekkie and a cerel bar as snack. not sure if i want a shake for lunch dont know if i want anything yet tummy is a rumbling a bit but going to ignore it for an hour see if i feel like one then its not that i have gone off them. my mind set is telling me if i miss a shake i will lose weight quicker--- but as the saying goes it dosent work out like that does it. hubbys doing tea tonight not sure what we are having as im at work he knows not to do anything to calorific :) i sometimes find this weight loss thing terribly hard as i feel i am not progressing very well i havnt cheated or if i have a biscuit i always add it to calories for the day i started ultr slim in march so far 16lbs loss i feel its not that much when i see everyone else loseing so much more/ should it be a steady 2lbs a week? or a 1lb? i thought or i assumed it would be loads more well will write again on monday after my weigh in hope to goodness i havnt sts or i will cry :cry:
thought i would update the diary not been on for a while. well got to the stage now where im struggling will have to admit defeat and do some proper exercising have now got the 30 day shred and will start exercising today i am going to try it for a whole week and see if it will shift a couple of pounds lost a pound this week not happy yesterday was poop started off well 2 shakes then teatime lost it had my meatballs in sauce yummy and healthy then followed it by a slice of strawberry gateau :( wtf why did i do it then i had some blooming pringles :cry: well today back on track going for it dont want to spoil everything i have worked so hard to get too im now in a 14 jeans that havnt got lycra in yipee but cant seem to get it off my boobies :eek: still 18 top. been using small weights on my arms to get rid off bingo wings why oh why is this slimming thing so hard .. will try and come on each day now to keep me on the straight and narrow have a good day everyone :)
Congratulation on getting into the size 14`s thats fantastic,, maybe your just meant to have big boobs and it aint gonna shift from there lol
noooo dont say that :) hate my boobies but will see how this exercise malarky goes hopefully may tone them up (yeah right) :rolleyes:
losing a steady 2lb a week means you have a good chance of keeping it off!
well done getting in to the size 14 jeans. its fab when you go down a size :D
as for your boobs. can i have them? we could do a boob swap :8855:
id love big boobs ive always wanted a cleavage lol wonder if theres a way they could shift my belly flab into my boobs
well today has gone well have just done 20 mins of the 30 day shred and omg:eek: how blooming hard was it literally pouring with water never worked so hard ever.. what 20 mins i hear you all saying well have a go and see i must be so out of condition but will stick with it for a week and see how i go on on sat my weigh day will stick with it just want to prove to myself that i can do this weight loss and i will get to goal weight.. off to shower now smell like an old tea bag :D
Can't believe it's been this long since I came to update my diary eek well from tomorrow back on track with diet and exercise got my ultra slim ready 19 pounds to lose then I'm at happy weight given my self till June it's so doable will keep diary updated and join in the forum more
Well have been a good girl today had my shakes and fruit and spaghetti Bol for my tea and did 30 minutes on biggest loser on the wii omg it was hard first time using the game don't like the way they made my user profile look lol my body looks out of proportion but hopefully over the weeks it will change shape I'm doing the 8 week challenge on it see how it goes very motivated today need to feel like this every day onwards and upwards xx

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