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Skinny girl in a fat body
Can someone tell me what's in peanuts. Are they carbohydrate? The reason I ask is that I have just ate a massive big handful from the buffet. Yep, I feel like crying my eyes out but I can live with it I suppose if it doesn't kick me out of ketosis. Anyone?
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Mostly fat, protein and some carbs - 5.5g carb per 100g

Hope this helps. The carbs may not kick you out of ketosis but the calorie content may if it was a big handful.


WILL be Slim!
there is LOADS of fat (hence why they are so yummy!) in them i'm afraid which might have an effect on the scales but not sure about the whole ketosis thing i'm afriad!
not sure Mia but ...............

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well done on your weight loss thats absolutely fantastic WELL DONE Im so so proud of you as I know that you really struggle each week and 7.5 inches in 3 weeks is really good going! hang in there and the weight will come off for your hols!


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hey, you girls know how much I worry. I will think about those nuts until Wednesday now. I regret it so much, I hope its not another wasted week. is there anything I can do to minimise the damage do you think? Maybe if its a calorie issue, could I do without a couple of shakes this week to try to make up for it do you think?

You can't think like that. You must have the shakes regardless of cheats. Those packs contain your nutrients that you need to survive at this level.

If you missed your packs, you're certainly not going to get your full daily nutrition from peanuts!

Go for a brisk walk and drink lots of water. And take your shakes, all of them :D


Skinny girl in a fat body
I might do a couple of keep fat dvd's from now until wednesday. See if the exercise works, I might sweat all the salt out of me by then. God, I am desperate lol

Jessica - thanks for alll you good wishes. You have done fantastically well
Curly - you know me already haha


Stubborn tortoise
Not sure what is is with peanuts, they have a mysterious hold over me too... usually in peanut butter form... it has now had to be banned from house while I get my willpower together again! Feel for you Mia... but keep taking all your shakes and just put the peanuts moment behind you.



can see the end in sight!
peanuts are a major weakness of mine too! i love the salt and vinegar and chilli nuts too! why are all the delicious things so bad for you??


honestly - the higher the fat and calorie in foods, your brain registers them as very efficient at providing energy. This then creates a memory in your brain that these are the best foods to eat to pile in as many calories as possible so you crave them. Hence things like fat, bread and butter, puddings etc, all very calorie dense but memory retained as "good food"

Do not miss your packs Mia, you risk doing more damage that way than the handful of peanuts would. Just try and stay on track for the rest of the week. Don't overdo it on the DVD's either just try and relax.

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