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Pea's 'I will be thin by August!' diary :)

S: 9st12lb C: 9st1lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st11lb(7.97%)
Hi everyone,

So as promised Im going to try and do a food diary everyday to try and keep me on track. Please check in on me and tell me if you think I'm giving up to easily as that's what I normally do! :eek:

I've planned all my meals 5 days in advance so hopefully I wont get caught out and I've measured ll my fabby bits!

I'm aiming for no more than 1200 cals a day and I want to lose a stone to begin with as soon as possible. My weight has come on from having my beautiful daughter (who is now 2 so I don't really have any excuse for still carrying it :sigh:) and from me stuffing my face every since I became preggers - oooops!!

My first day didn't go that well, but here it is anyway.

Monday 25th April

Breakfast - 2 pieces of toast with Flora and Marmite = 339

(I was meant to be having something completely different, but I plain forgot and just whacked mine and my daughters toast in the toaster lol

Lunch - A packet of Supernoodles = 524.
I thought they were only 174 cals, but from speaking on here I realise I was reading the pre cooked weight values etc. I'll be more careful from now on with my reading of packets!

Dinner - A tesco 300 cal micro meal and it is LOVELY! I've had it a few times and its delicious (it has prawns and pasta and broccoli in with a creamy garlic sauce, yummy)

I did intend on having something else for dinner last night, but after my fluff up at lunch I had to change everything.

So overall I had 1387, which is more than I wanted, but ok ish I guess?!

Pea x
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S: 9st12lb C: 9st1lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st11lb(7.97%)
Damn, I forgot to put in that I had 1/2 pint of skimmed milk in my tea etc (I'm a tea addict!) which means I have to add on another 97 cals making my total 1484. Gutted!!
S: 19st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 5st9lb(29.7%)
Soon adds up doesn't it! I don't drink anything but water now, no cals in it so leaves more cals to munch on!!! Good luck. x
S: 9st12lb C: 9st1lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st11lb(7.97%)
Thanks hun, I'm not having the nest of days again today, am finding I keep getting confused about pre cooked calories etc etc. Sigh.

Well done on your weight loss, thats amazing x :D
S: 19st0lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 5st9lb(29.7%)
You'll soon get the hang of it. Myfitnesspal is a great website that helps you keep track of your calories. x
S: 9st12lb C: 9st1lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st11lb(7.97%)
Yeah i've registered for that site, I'm going to properly check it out after I move :)

So heres my food for tues and today

Tuesday 26th April

Skimmed milk for my tea 100 (gonna try and cut down)

Brekkie - 2 and 1/2 weetabix = 191

Lunch - slice of toast with half can of spag hoops = 218

Dinner - Phillidelphia garlic and herb carbonara type thing = 470
( I still reckon I got this wrong somewhere along the lines as there was so much pasta lol)

Total cals = 979

I know this is low, but i'm kinda glad because of the potential pasta thing if i did fluff up!

Wednesday 27th April

Not such a good day today, had to go to Mum in laws and she's a feeder!

Milk - 100

Brekkie - 28g rice crispies = 100

Lunch - ham, oven chips and a fried egg (eek :eek: ) and bless her she brought me a low fat jelly pot rather than low cal and it and it had raspberry its in, which was 100 cals altogether! Was yummy though. Im guessing about the cals on this whole meal so about 700? What do you think, it wasnt a massive plate.

Dinner - other half of last nights dinner (carbonara) - 470

Total cals - 1370 - oops

The rubbish thing is, i am starving!!!! Much more than yesterday and there is so much chocolate looking at me right now!!

S: 9st12lb C: 9st1lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st11lb(7.97%)
Had a really good day cc on Thur although it was hard. I was at work and it was so busy and I got a bit shakey, but felt much better after a snack.

Thurs 27th April

milk for day 100

Brekkie - 2 Weetabix = 127

Lunch - A piece of toast with a small can of spag hoops = 218

Snack - Alpen light bar = 70

Dinner - Chicken breast in rogan josh jar sauce thing and rice = 455

Late snack - Skinny cow triple choc fudge icecream thing = 90 - god it was lush!!!

Total cals - 1060


I'm still not drinking enough though, so i'm really gonna try and work on that.

So far today i'm over on what ive eaten so think i may struggle to claw it back and also i've only done exercise once this week and im meant to be doing it 3 times, but i've been busy packing and we're moving tomorrow so i'm hoping that will count lol - wish me luck!!


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S: 9st12lb C: 9st1lb G: 8st8lb Loss: 0st11lb(7.97%)
Just a quick update, I've got no internet for a couple weeks (not sure how i'm going to cope!!) so thought i'd send a quick message while i can.

The move went well and up until that point I had lost 2 and 1/2 lbs in just under a week. However since Saturday I have STUFFED my face :( I'm so upset, i feel awful and every morning i have my healthy breakfast, get to lunch and then its bad from there. Going to weigh myself tomorrow, but I know its not good news. I look even more pregnant than i normally do with my big jelly belly. Carbs really bloat me out, and ive been eating loads of them. I just feel gutted that I cant' even do a bloody week of it without failing!!

Fingers crossed by the time I'm next on here i've sorted my s**t out xx

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