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Mrs V

Loves Life!
Ok....peas (all peas) are free on a Green and EE Day, but not on a Red.
Green Beans are free on all.
Broad beans are free on Green and EE day.

Hope this helps.
Yeah thats brilliant thanks! I don't understand why peas wouldnt be free on any day though because they are a vegetable!!
Oh i see!!! strange little things!!! its a shame cos peas are my favourite veg! Nevamind doing extra easy now any way so i can still have as many as i like with my meals!!
I eat a lot and was on EE so it didn't matter but changed to red/green for a week and got caught out big time. I also had blip with avacado as thought they were fruit so free but oh no whopping 13.5syns for 1
i got caught with advacado too, i love home made gaucamole, I usually put 3 in...!! oh dear not a good week! I love peas and sweetcorn and I usually do green, so know I am on extra easy it is good!


Nojo on the YoYo
Do you know what i'm annoyed about? Plantain. Free on green butnot red if it's a green plantain, when it gets to be ripe, it becomes syns. I like it ripe and squirted with frylight and roasted. SYNS! Grrrrrr...
Oo is that the little ones in packs at the fruit n veg bit of supermarkets. I'm sure my mum used to buy the packs that you get them and the peas as a twin pack.

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