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Pefrect 10


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I dont know....will know when I get there.......12/14 would be nice but anything under 20 as been 30, 32-34 for too long


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I've been a 22 for too long. I'd love to be a curvy 12!


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I would love to be a 14-16....when I get there I may of course change my mind, but at the moment that is where I want to be....don't think smaller would suit me...



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I've always thought more in terms of goal weight than size, but a size 10 would be good for me :)


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definately a size 10
Probably about a 12. I think a 10 is unrealistic for me. I have HUGE boobs - always have had, since I was about 12 years old and an E cup. So I think to try and cram those into a size 10 is never going to happen.
So I think maybe a 12 on the bottom, 14 on the top is a realistic figure for me. But then of course it varies so much from shop to shop anyway doesn't it.

Slightly OT, but I went a bit mad shopping today because I'm now a very comfortable 18 rather than a reluctant size 20. And I was so excited that I can easily buy anything off the shelf in Next that i went a bit mad!!


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Im going to be a perfect 14 :D And if i feel like losing more ill keep going. But i dont think i look right any lower :)

x Nee x

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8-10 would be Bootyyyy's but prob 10-12
As a male I want to have a waste of 34". The threshold of diabetes & Heart disease risk drops significantly at this point (apparently)


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I'd be happy with a size 10 :D
Wont ever go below that as my hips and shoulders are really wide :rolleyes:


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10-12 would be perfect

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When I was a 22 I dreamt of getting back into my size 16 jeans. Now I'm in those I dream of getting into a size 14 ;)

I'm tall and am not built to be a stick insect so I have to be realistic in that I'll never be a size 10 but a 12 would be absolutely fan-bloody-tastic :D


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But as your tall lucky cat, a 12 - 14 would look like a 10 - 12 on someone my height, i think anyway! My tall friends always look smaller then the size clothes they are.
pre-preg i was a 12-14 in tops, skirts and dresses, 14-16 in jeans and trousers. all boobs and bum. back to that would be great, not tummy, bingo wings and love handles like i am at the moment. i've kept all my lovely dresses, at the moment they're all very unloved sat in a suitcase in my loft. will hopefully be reunited with them one day lolol x