Peggie's update


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Hi Folks,

Sorry I've not been on the board for a number of weeks but I had to drop off as I was finding it hard to read some of the posts. I was having difficulty with the so called 'cheating' posts as I was risking being tempted to eat - it seems some people seem to be able to cheat on the diet and still lose weight. I was also getting demoralised by the 'big loss' posts as my own losses have continued to be quite small (and pathetic some weeks!).

Although I loved the support everyone offered, I just felt that I could probably stick to the diet better without the negative aspects I've mentioned (I'm not having a go at anyone - it's my interpretation of the posts that was the problem).

Anyway, I have missed you all and I'm pleased to report that both hubby and I have stuck 100% to the diet for 11 weeks and we go for our final weigh in tomorrow. We've decided to refeed then embark on a low GL diet - I still have a few pounds to lose and am confident I can do it this way (OH can't afford to lose any more!).

Now to the nitty gritty - my OH has lost an amazing 53lbs plus whatever tomorrow's weigh in brings (probably another 3-4lbs going by previous weeks).

I've lost 35lbs (plus tomorrow's amount, probably 1-2lbs).

I can truly say that Lipotrim is the best thing I've ever done and would recommend it to anyone who really wants to lose weight. Good luck to everyone still doing it - just hang on in there, it's worth it!

Peggie xx
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Well done for sticking to your diets 100%...good luck to both of you with tomorrows weigh in's & well done on yours & your hubbys losses so far!!! Caz xx


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well done on your weight loss and glad to know that there are a few of us as well who can go it alone, really proud of both of your success, now get the before and after pix up so we can have a peek, well done


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well done Peggie all the best to you both for tomoz w i


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Hi Peggie, nice to see you back!
I agree with the sentiments, I don't post much either now, It's hard enough without hearing all the horror stories!
Fantastic losses for you and your other half, really well done. Enjoy your re-feed and good luck to you. xxxx


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Hi Peggy, can't wait to hear how you both get on tomorrow. I just wanted to say I think you have done brilliantly to persevere when your losses have been steady and your OH's fairly spectacular.

With LT it works by sticking at it, and you are a great example of that and I have really enjoyed your posts and your positive attitude.

Enjoy food again, I think you will find a low GI diet a really good approach, it is certainly how I am thinking of going. Keep us in touch about your refeed and my very best wishes x


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Well done for you determination you have done fantastic, so glad your so near goal by the way you have stuck to it you will get there in no time xx


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Fair play to the both of ye Peggie. 11 weeks is no joke. You must be looking and feeling great. Maybe u could do a food diary. Would love to follow it for a few tipps ....:)


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Hi Peggy :)

Well done on your loss so far, you've done amazing! Good luck with refeeding. x


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Well done to both of you on your losses, they are awesome! Hope the last WI went well and you are looking forward to refeed.

I've not been on here much and know what you mean about hearing how people still manage to lose when you stick 100% and have low losses, it is hard to keep focussed and I find a few days away helps keep me on track. I'm getting closer to refeed myself - I'm both excited and a bit worried! After so long without "food" I know I'm ready to eat again!

Good luck to you both.