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People starting LL in March...

I notice there are a few people starting now and soon and thught it would be great to have a thread where we can go thorugh the ups & downs as a "group".

I start mine in Mch - had to delay due to a skiing holiday that I won so feeling frustrated as I watch others start now!! Has been great to prepare emotionally/practically though.

Feel slightly nervous about the start (see counter!) as my first day will be when I'm travelling so no ideal but when will be I guess!

Look forward to getting to know people on here more and supporting each other on our way to "normality"
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I've started today and am sat here all smiley (and inwardly nervous) with my glass of water :)

Enjoy your holiday and don't worry about your delay in starting you'll soon be joining us.

i've just completed my first week so i'm almost a March starter :p
if you don't already have one then an electric hand whisk is essential to mix the packs, i realised that after the first lumpy shake day!
Have you looked at the photo gallery yet? that will keep you motivated espcially in the first week which i think is the hardest.


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Hi Sal

No I've not found the photo gallery - I'll go and have a look at it now. I've just ordered a couple of battery operated whisks which I'm planning to leave one in work and the other is for when I'm out and about, I've already got a hand electric one for at home so hopefully my soup at lunch will be lump free :)

I started 2 weeks ago - and have lost 16lbs!


I started LL 2 weeks ago and had my second weeks weigh in last night. It's my first time posting on this forum but thought everyone sounded really lovely! :p
Have lost 16lbs in the first fortnight at LL and haven't found it too difficult but I am so so determined to wear clothes where the size doesn't start with a 2_...
Looking forward to hearing about all your weight losses!



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In Search Of Me - I meant to say in my earlier post ...well done on winning a holiday, how did you do that - was it a competition or puzzle?

Hi all,
Good that theres a few of us & welcome to people new to the site!
I won the holiday via an internet competition with dorset cereals...v. excited now as not long to go and making the best of being able to eat while I can without going compleatly nuts!
Have got my whissy whisk and getting another from Ikea before start date! How you all getting on? Am dreading the first few days f carb wthdrawl and have made sure I'm not in work after day 2-4 as I get migraines so bound to have a cracker!
Wow thats great MiniJen! What did you find hard about week 1 Sal? Have been upping my water intake in readyness. Any symptoms yet Katie?!! Apparently you feel euphoric about week 2! Something to keep people going!
What do people want to loose? I'm starting at 15 stone and want to get down to 9...eek!!


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It's really good to hear of someone who has won on an internet competition - I've entered a few but never won anything.

Today has been okay really - just had the caramel shake and it was horrid but I'm not a caramel/toffee flavouring lover ... then again I'm not into vanilla either and I've got to eat that tomorrow LOL. Just about to have my 8th bottle of water and I've had loads of exercise running up and downstairs to the toilet ... I'm peeing past myself.

Hubby has come in from work and is sat in the other room with a gorgeous glass of wine ... that is the first thing that I've been jealous of but hey I'll survive - only another 99 days to go :)

Well done for resisting! There will days when I'm sure it will be excruiating! I gave up smoking in Jan ( & alch!) and had those lozenges for a while & they tasted vile. Give up smoking councellor ssaid just stick with it & you'll get used to the taste, which I did! Sure it will be the same with the majority of the packs! Let me know how you get on!
Have people thought of any diversion tactics in advance for the tough moments?


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Wow so you're giving up smoking and food in the space of 2 months - that takes some willpower - you've got my complete admiration! I gave up smoking 5 1/2 years ago after sadly having smoked since being an early teen and to be honest I didn't find a problem with it as I just couldn't have any - could never cut down when I tried but could manage none .... I'm hoping that that will be the same while doing LL - just not having food has got to be so much easier than cutting down - especially when you love food the way I do.

Re diversion tactics I haven't thought of any yet apart from will power. I picked up the shawl I'm knitting for my new niece who is due to be born in May ... and I haven't picked that up for a few weeks and it did keep my mind off food/diets. Apart from that when my lot are eating anything that I think will tempt me I'm planning on running upstairs for either a long soak in the bath or a good read :)

hardest part of the first week is the carb withdrawal. it can make you feel 'starving' but dont give in! you (and me) have loads of fat stored up and your body will just have to adapt to living off that instead! :cool: after the first couple of days you go into ketosis which has the strange effect of making you not feel hungry - it's quite incredible really! if you do feel hungry it is psychological hunger and you need to examine why your mind is telling you to eat which is the great thing about LL because of the counselling you will discover the reasons we turn to food for comfort, etc.
on day 2-3 i had the worst headache i've ever suffered so stock up on strong painkillers (just incase). ;)


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Thanks for that Sal, I'll get hubby to get some pain killers when he nips out in a bit. My head feels fine so far but my body is aching all over .... not sure if it's the LL thogh - but hopefully the tablets will help :)

Thanks for that Sal - I have a migrane as I type & not even started yet!! Am fully prepared to feel like death warmed up & have taken time off work in advance! Sorry you're feeling rough Katie - hope you havent got this awful lurgie thats going around. I'll be off site for a couple of days as have to go away for work..hope you all have a great couple of days! Keep up the good work! Big hugs!


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Hi Wendy, my first session is on Wednesday too though I started doing LL on Friday. Honestly you will be fine, just keep coming in here for all the support you need :)



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Hi Guys

I just wanted to post to wish you all the luck in the world!!! This is a fantastic life change (I'm not saying diet as this is for the rest of your lives) I am in week 9 and have found the whole experience hard, easy, painful, enlightning etc etc. You will go through a whole range of emotions and this can be from hour to hour. The best advice I can give you is to constantly look at your goals and what you want to achieve. By doing this you will get there quicker than you ever thought possible. The initial weight loss will be so motivational you will think "this is a breeze". You will then hit the boredom stage half way through, about week 7, this soon passes then you are on the final leg. You will all do it and ensure you are proud of yourselves everytime you hit a mini goal. This is all about understanding yourself, taking time out for yourselves and most importantly rewarding yourself every chance you can.....

Again, I wish you all the luck in the world. This site is amazing for support and questions, the best tool I have found to get me as far as I am in the crazy world of LL..

Much love xxxx


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Thanks Toots, that's a lovely message :) You're doing brilliantly - you must be so proud of your BMI now :D



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Yes Cath, I am......really proud, I am now healthy and when i started this i was obese!! I have 10 lbs to go to my taget of 10 stone but have already had the "stop now" comments. I will stop when I am ready!! I should be going into management in the next two weeks which is slightly daunting but will be following the programme to the letter as I never want to/have to diet again. This is me now and this is how I am going to stay......

Good luck with your journey and I look forward to reading this thread as the weeks tick by (and they will) xxxxx
Thanks for that toots! Cant wait to be only 10ib to go!! Still preparing this end but good to see that people are doing so well...bound to be ups & downs but hopefully we can encourage each other along the way!
Back from up North very late last night - flight diverted from Bristol to Cardiff due to bad weather - which would have been great as I live in Cardiff - except car in Bristol!! Luckily had a planned day off to chill so about to have a snooze!
Great to see a few people about for the journey & really ooking forward to joining you! Just back from town getting my film , currency, books etc for holiday ...cant belive we go in a few days!
How have people done today? Will peek in later but pile of washing awaits - not forgetting sleep!

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