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People throwing up after butterscotch Shake??

That's interesting FnM ... this was back on 2006 for me. I remember drinking it and it not 'sitting' right in my stomach. Within 30 seconds, I was racing to the kitchen with my hand clamped over my mouth. I barely reached the kitchen sink :eek:

I've never had one since. Talk about aversion therapy!! lol


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thats really weird. I bought it up within a few hours! my sister loves it and doesnt have a problem? wonder if theres something in it to make people intolerant.
I think its ok as a mousse but it would be creepy to drink I think - but not as creepy as the one with walnut in - I cant imagine driking something with walnuts in!
I think its ok as a mousse but it would be creepy to drink I think - but not as creepy as the one with walnut in - I cant imagine driking something with walnuts in!
Makes a fine porrige though Mrs P! ;)


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I had a Butterscotch this morning hot, with some coffee in it!

It was deliciously, on a par with the Toffee and Walnut...so I will be ordering more of those when I next see my CDC!!

Maybe I just have that kind of tastebud...lol


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I too love the butterscotch. The one that nearly made me throw up was the capuccino!
I'm just going to have to open a CD porrige bar!! :p
I hated the cappucino shake - too sweet for an already sweet person:D

I wonder what the most purchased shake is - anyone know??!!


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I lurrrrrrrrrrrrve the Butterscotch!! Often have it hot with half choccie tetra and it makes a fab, thick & creamy 'Hot Chocolate' - the Vanilla and the Toffee & Walnut also work really well that way as well! Yummmmmmmmmmmy :D

Still haven't tried making the porridge...anyone got the recipe?

Also, amongst my clients the most popular shake is by far Chocolate, followed by Vanilla and then Oriental Chilli soup. However, Leek & Potato is coming up on the inside track!! :D
I am such a :brainfart: i thought i was missing out on something.
This had me chuckling!!!! I get what you mean now - funny how we CDer's heads almost spin off our necks when we think we spot the opportunity for a 'legal' munch :D

Porrige for 'experts'
Make up a hot shake, throw in a dessertspoon of PH, whisk briefly with a stick blender, pour into bowl, top with cinnamon (if wanted) - job's a good 'un!

Porrige for beginners:
Make up a hot shake, pour into a bowl, sprinkle a dessertspoon of PH on top, mix briskly with a fork or balloon whisk until it starts to thicken. Top with cinnamon (if wanted).

The reason I say there are 2 different methods is that if you whisk PH too much or if you use water that's too hot then you can end up with wallpaper paste! Doing it the beginner's way is a slightly slower process and you can stop mixing BEFORE it gets all gloopy!

Some people like to stick the porrige into the microwave for a little while when it's mixed to thicken it up more - the key is to experiment until you find a way that produces a result that's right for you.

The 'right' consistancy will be something akin to semolina rather than porrige - Scott's Porrige oats it aint!! But it makes an acceptable alternative when on CD.

Hope that helps! :)
and the porridge has kept me full, regular and sane. Dunno in which order though!:D
I think it just depends like.. on whether you like the shake.. or how you feel at the tiem of drinking it.. or eating whatever you do with it.. i used to love butterscotch.. but the other day i had it as an ice cream.. and i was like.. "this is viiiile".. its weird.. cos when i did cd the first time around.. i couldnt get enough of them.. lol..

x x x

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