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People who started LL in April

Feeling very isolated in the first week of LL, before i found mini mims. I mentioned it at my first weeks group meeting and encouraged everyone to join. I've logged on and read the comments during lunch times at work and it really helped me get through one of the toughest weeks ever. So this is my first post and hope this April starter thread will offer some support as the other threads have me.
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I started in the middle of march and like you have told the rest of my group about this site but no-one else has joined up.

I do like the support this site brings and see it as an extension of my group, although in the second week our group all swapped mobile numbers so we do text each other quite a bit.

Sometimes when I'm wobbling a bit I do come on here and look at some of the photos to remind myself of what my aim is - I also have a blog that I bash out my thoughts on although I have it set to private, just getting it out makes me feel better.

Good luck on your journey. :)


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Well I know I've already said, but I joined LL on Monday evening and so am on day 2. Losing a bit of the positive attitude I had before and yesterday, but think it's more due to tiredness. I can't believe it, I need my bed already!

I have 75lbs to lose and am going for my drop in on Friday and I can't wait - I need the motivation right now!

Good luck to everyone else.


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:wave_cry:Im on day 5 now and still feel pretty low! I am absolutely STARVING and think constantly about food. Ive also had the runs - sorry - quite badly. Ive got tons of weight to lose though, about 8 and a half stone which will bring me to 7.5 stone which is apparently good for my height (5ft)

I just hope it gets better - Im really struggling :wave_cry:


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Twinny the runs are normal, just your body getting rid of the food still in there .... unfortunately they don't last (I wish), you're more likely to be constipated than suffer from the runs while on the diet.

Hope you're soon feeling brighter ;)
Hi All,

This is day 4 of week one for me too. Food seems to be everywhere; people keep talking about it, everywhere I turn I see it, but it's always this way but I am just noticing it more. I am doing better than I thought, but I do feel deprived... Although I'm not hungry I am craving all different things. Am struggling with the water, but the scales will tell on Friday. Haven't had the runs, have been more the other way... I just keep remembering why I'm doing this and I makes me feel more positive.
Hello, i started on 9th april and have lost over a stone already. The first day I got the runs but no such luck now Only been once in 2 weeks and that was a bit of a struggle! Think I may need to occasional dose of senna. I have found the 2nd week harder, but am determined to keep plugging away. I have to get to the point where people stop asking when I'm due!! It has happened 5 times ths year alone. I hope my belly isn't the last thing to go or I'm gonna look even moe preggers. Aprilers keep in touch. x
Feeling Great

Its week 2 for me also and i feel fantastic compared with the headaches, nausea and throbbing sore throat last week brought on. I'm 10lbs lighter, full of energy and totally focussed - cant believe the change in me. I was at a point in my life where i thought i was just gonna keep piling on the pounds in a downward spiral with no way out. Lighter Life is a breath of fresh air.... (I could still murder a bacon buttie thou ;))
Go for it Emabee,
It is amazing how better I feel too. The fast weight loss at the start really helps the motivation. This site is great for keeping you going too. Good luck and you'll be a skinnyminny befre the summer....that's if we get a summer!!


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G: 49.9kg
Evening all...:wavey:

I had my first weigh in last night - I was a bit disappointed to be honest. I lost 5lb....

I had a pop in last monday and I had already lost 4.6lb then so basically I lost 0.4lb in 4 days?????:cry:

Also when I weed on the stick It was dark dark purple and my LLC told me I should try to up my water EEEK Im waterlogged as it is.

Anyway, I am still full of determination to carry on - the weight has to come off doesn't it? :D


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S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Twinny 5lb is a good loss, think of it in terms of a bag of potatoes - now that's good!

Yep if the stick is dark then you do need to up your water - though possibly it could be just cos you hadn' drank much before your weigh in.

Glad to see you're still so determined - stick with it and that weight will soon be gone :)


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G: 49.9kg
Twinny 5lb is a good loss, think of it in terms of a bag of potatoes - now that's good!

YAY I hadn't looked at it like that - I was just comparing myself to the others in my group and they all have less to lose than me :eek:

Onwards and upwards....OOOH that should be "onwards and DOWNWARDS" for us :cool::cool::cool:


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Just wanted to say welcome to all of you April (and march) starters... good luck to you all... It really does get better :D I'm in my 5th month now (7 stone 8lbs gone!) and nothing will derail me... I drink copious amounts of water which has prevented constipation (only had it twice in 5 months) so that's a tip for you ;)
Look forward to hearing about your journeys.. I'll be here for a while as still got around 6 stone to lose! :) Onwards and downwards people :D
I never thought I'd be jealous of someone having the runs. I have not been to the loo since Monday. Is that normal? Although I am a bit prone to it I thought it'd be ok now I am eating healthier. I am drinking my water and i do use the flavouring sometimes but still no results!
Kaalin, you are not the only one. In 3 weeks I have only been twice and that had been with the aid of senna. I hope i'm not doing myself harm with lack of pooing!! i as weighed in tonight in week 4 and lost another 5Lbs. thats 1.5st in 3 weeks, so a bit of constipation is worth the weight loss. Hope all aprilers are doing well. I've got my mum's 60th birthday in June and want to surprise my relatives with looking much better. Hopefully can loose another stone by then!

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