People's reaction to me losing weight


Loves VLCD's !
I just read a great post by Roch called "TODAY I GIVE THE JOB OF BEING FAT 2 SOMEONE ELSE !! " and it has struck off all kinds of thoughts for me. I replied to that thread but it made me think of people's reaction to my 2 stone+ weight loss.

Some people quite openly say "Wow you can really tell you are losing weight " and that's really nice. :D Other people wait until they bump into me alone such as in the corridoor at work and same similar things :) . That's cool too, they probably feel its a better thing to do in private.

Some people though I can see looking me up and down and they don't say a word. It feels kind of uncomfortable. :confused: Have other people had this reaction ? I wonder if it is to do with being "the fat person" and as this is changing (still a way to go though !) that some people don't know how to handle it ?
Melissa x
I'm slightly upset that no one has noticed my weight loss... not one person! I've lost almost 2 stone. My boyfriend says I look and feel slimmer and I think I look and certainly feel slimmer.

But.. I do have quite a bit to come off, so it may take another stone or so for people to cotton on I guess... :confused:
Hi Melissa well done on your 2+stone weight loss.I feel sometimes peeps do notice that u have lost weight and dont comment as they are not happy with their body and sometimes are jealous and wish they had the strength and willpower that u have to lose weight.

So dont feel no way about it that their problem not your prob !!
You just take in all the compliments that people give u as i they will help u stay motivated.
Take care hun and have a good weeeknd xx
Hi all

I was always relieved when people didn't notice my weight loss as I could kid myself that they hadn't noticed that I had put on the 3 stone. Also I didn't want the conversation to be focused on me and how I had been sooo big! However, when they did start noticing it was quite nice, as long as the conversation wasn't focused on me for too long and not too many personal questions re weightloss. I'm getting more confident talking about it now but still prefer to brush over the details.

Dizzy x
Depends who it was - my mum said that I had lost so much I had better stop after about a stone and a half (bless her), my girls at work were commenting almost daily but i think that was probably to keep me sweet lol.

People really didn't comment massively until I had lost about 3 stone and then the comments have been coming in thick and fast since then.

Someone last week even asked me if I was ill as the last time she saw me (end of school term in July) I was about 3 stone heavier! I thought that was quite funny really.
The guy who cuts my lawn finally mentioned the weight loss yesterday. He asked me if I had lost a bit of weight and I said yes, over 7 stone and he was amazed it was that much! :rolleyes:

If I was worried about the reactions of others then I be straight back to ssing again and thinking that I was still fat ;)
yes i've had this problem too, most of the girls in work commented on the weight i'd lost and how good i looked, but one girl in particular (who is much bigger than me) never mentioned a thing untill one day we were on shift together and she just asked if i was still on my diet, how nuch weight i'd lost and what size uniform i was wearing, i told her it was a 14 and with that she jumped up and quick as a flash reached for the collar of my uniform to check the size!!! I was gob-smacked, but then i thought to myself she's jealous, she never once commented that i'd lost weight or looked good or anything. so yeah i put it down to jealousy, it seemed strange that everyone else had started to notice i'd lost weight apart form her, even when she checked out my uniform size she still didnt pass a comment.... but i dont need her compliments, if i feel good thats good enough for me!
So yes, some people can be jealous when you loose weight, thats why they wont pass a remark or give you a compliment, but dont let it worry you hun, your scales dont lie to you and thats the main thing xx
I remember when I started and was telling people that I had lost 2 stone. Some did exactly as you described and just looked as if to say "yeah, where from?". I felt really frustrated as I knew the weight was coming off and I did feel better. I sort of came to the conclusion that their thoughts or attitudes where not important to me and I carried on. Ihave to say that a majority of people I know have been really really supportive and at work they even stopped having take aways because they were worried it would break me. I had to beg them to order food if they wanted it.... I explained that actually I did like the smell of the food.

Now I get comments every day and all of them positive. Those unimportant people from the beginning can now eat their thoughts!!!!!!

Enjoy all of the positive comments and keep up the good work.

Jazzy x

After a three stone loss so far (including a stone pre-CD from August) I'm now getting lots of good comments.

However, two women, who happen to be two of the most competitive women I know (and who have both lost weight themselves in the past) did more what Skyzie described. Asking how much I'd lost, what size I now was, then both asked me to actually stand up/do a twirl and show them. Both of them it felt were saying "prove it"! While everyone else has just been noticing without me even saying I was on a diet.
It took absolutely ages for anyone at work to notice my weight loss - don't think anyone said a word til I'd lost about 3stone
Boy was I getting
but then I realised it didn't really matter...........hey I was doing this for ME

Now that I've lost just over 7st, of course everyone is commenting ;) Mostly it's all been very complimentary, but have had a couple of peeps tell me that I'm looking 'gaunt' how's that for a compliment.........NOT!!!! Now I KNOW it's not true - just check out my piccies - but it does stop you in your tracks for a minute. Guess there's always going to be someone out there with negative comments - the important thing is to ignore them - stay focused 'cos sadly it's often the result of jealousy.

When I mentioned to my boss what had been said to me he summed it up perfectly by saying how disappointing it was that these people weren't thrilled for me that I'm now soooo much healthier than I was with all that surplus weight.........says it all really :)
I have lost 45lb now, and apart from my family, who i think are just being nice, no one has noticed, i guess when you have loads to lose like i have 45lb is a drop in the ocean?
My favourite comment when I had lost 3 stone was from a neighbours little boy. He looked me up and down and said
' Barbara, I can see you have lost weight, Mummy's right you are much smaller. You used to be absolutely ENORMOUS!'

Thanks very much!
My favourite comment when I had lost 3 stone was from a neighbours little boy. He looked me up and down and said
' Barbara, I can see you have lost weight, Mummy's right you are much smaller. You used to be absolutely ENORMOUS!'

Thanks very much!

Gotta love 'em!! Glad you saw the funny side. That'll teach his Mum! LOL

Dizzy x
I havent lost that much yet, but I was gettin funny looks from a girl I dont like as my jeans are loose, ot tight like they used to be (or not fitting at all!!) but I was babysitting for my friend last night and the little girl (shes 5) said to me 'Karen, ur tummy is getting flatter' I didnt know wat to say!!! Apart from that noone has said anything!!
only lost a stone and a half so far and no-one has noticed :( I guess its cos im big and a stone and a half isnt gonna exactly show yet!
Tho my CDC bless her lil cotton socks said she notices it in my face! :D
But apart from that nothing :confused:
I guess Im happy with the weight coming off for ME and Im not doing it to get comments and compliments from other people. (Though it would be nice!)

Maybe after 3-4 stone people will begin to notice, but until then Im happy enough :)
When I first started losing weight everyone kept saying how it showed in my face and thats still the 1st thing everyone notices.
Sometimes I feel like saying I have not lost over 5st from my bloody face.
I have a feeling its because when I was big people didnt look at my body in case it upset me which it would have done so are not really sure how to compare it.
Everybody I know has been really supportive and complimentary and my mum keeps showing me off.
My husband barely mentions the loss which winds me up but everyone else is cool.
Some people at work who are total strangers are mentioning it now which is weird.
I feel a bit odd that everyones topic of conversation with me is the diet.
I hate people noticing! Hate it, hate it, hate it!

I might be weird, but whenever people notice, all I hear is - 'You used to be fat!'
I hate people noticing! Hate it, hate it, hate it!

I might be weird, but whenever people notice, all I hear is - 'You used to be fat!'

I don't hate it but I prefer they don't as I feel the same as you. Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't crave people to notice. I often wear a large coat and think that as time goes on people will forget that I used to be fat. I think it's probably our problem not theirs though. Usually they are just being nice but their are those that are glad to remind us how fat we were.

Dizzy x
I just want my family to nitice when I see them again and that'll be good enough for me...oh and at my friends wedding next july I want the 3 men involved in past exploits to notice as well!! That'll be fab!!!!
It's been really interesting reading all your replies. People can be so weird can't they ? I am sure that some people don't comment because they think they are being personal but the ones that you can see doing the sneaky looks and saying nothing....! As people have's their problem and its wise to keep on losing weight for me and on that basis it doesn't matter if others notice. I suppose learning about getting "strokes" was interesting at LL last week and its strange that some people seem keen to stroke you and others determined not to ! Melissa x