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Pepper... Dont do it !

I have just read a couple of threads about people putting pepper in their soup.
Don’t do it ! ... I did it about 4 weeks ago, at the time I posted about my low weight loss and how fed up I was etc.
When I went to the chemist they phoned Lipotrim and I ended up having a chat with one of the main guys. He told me pepper is a big no-no for 90% of people, it will throw you out of ketosis. He also basically said no to all the other stuff you could sprinkle on especially anything with chilli or garlic. I took the stand to add nothing from that day and my weight loss and ketosis has remained consistent.
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Oh no!! I put salt and pepper into my soup all the time!!! My pharmasist told me i can put salt and pepper into it!
salts a definate no no as it will retain water and you wont lose weight x
oh i didnt know that!!! ok ill be stopping that
Yes, I was told salt is definitely a no but pepper was fine. The ketostix are amazing btw!
Do you have your own supply of ketostix then and use them regularly? I know the pharmacy test at weigh in but is this not enough do you think? Just strated so sorry for silly questions
My chemists don't test for ketosis, which I dont think is quite right, but yes I test myself - it's just a nice little way of making sure you're in ketosis!

I got my sticks off ebay, not sure if you can buy them direct from the chemist though??


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i think only a few chemists check ketosis mine certainly doesn't but you can normally buy the sticks from them i think they are a £5 for 50
i add pepper and tiny bit of chilli flakes to every soup and have lost 30 pound in 4 weeks so i gona continue as soups are the only thing i can properly stomach and have 2 a day with a quick necking down of a chocolate shake in a morning lol i'm definetly in ketosis all time as check. suppose its an individual decision and if u are doing it and not loosing weight then stop doing it i guess. and yes salt is a massive no no as it makes your body retain water massively x

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