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Peppermint Tea and Peppermint Oil


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I have just bought some peppermint tea to try in my chocolate shakes as recommended by LL. I love the taste of the choc shakes when I have just done my teeth so thought I would try this.

I would like to know how much tea people tend to put in their shakes, and how strong they make it. I usually make mine up with about 4oz of water, should all 4oz be tea? I want to make the best possible job of this as I am not generally very keen on tea - last time I drank any was 11 years ago! Do people make the tea then let it go cold before making up the shake and how long can you leave tea for before it becomes undrinkable?

I also bought some peppermint extract. It only contains extract and sunflower oil and I am sure I would only need to use a tiny bit. Has anyone tried this? Has it caused any problems ie come out of ketosis?

I would be grateful for any hints and tips. Thanks
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Not sure the oil would be ok, simply because it has oil in it!

I can't answer your other question either as I have never attempted that particular recipe.


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LOL! I think you are probably right about the peppermint extract but its worth a try finding out if anyone does use it!
I don't know if this is the right way but I make my ChocMints like this;-
I pour boiling water on the tea bag in a normal sized mug. I then leave it to go cold with the mint tea bag still in it. Then when I am ready to make the chocmint drink I first mix the choc pack to a paste with a bit of the cold tea. I then put the rest of the mug of tea in the microwave to boil it (having takenb the tea bag out and given it a good squeese). Then I pour the hot tea over the paste and whisk as usual.
Yummy hot chocmint - the only reason to have choc packs IMO .
Hope that helps, Lucy
I make a pot of peppermint tea - quite strong, i use 6 teabags in the pot. Then I leave the teapot in the fridge with the teabags still in it, so the flavour continues to grow. Then when I want a chocolate drink I use the ice-cold mint tea instead of water to make it with - it's gorgeous. I keep the pot in the fridge for up to 4 days and then throw out any remaining tea after that. But ultimately, it's all down to personal taste as to how strong you like it. But there's no caffeine in peppermint tea so you can have it as strong as you like. Enjoy!


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I have a chocolate pack every night with peppermint tea. I just make my peppermint tea in my mixer jug then put my pack in give it a whizz and pour it into my favorite night time hand warming mug. It's gorgeous and relaxing.

I am glad you asked this question and will have a go at some of the ideas.



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thanks everyone.

I usually prefer my shakes cold so I made a cup of the peppermint tea and left it with the teabag in to go cold then stuck it in the freezer for a bit. Used it to make the shake which was OK but a little too strong on the peppermint for my tastes. Will try it again but take the teabag out sooner! May try it hot too.
Thanks again.


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I will have a go at these too.......I love choc and I love mint so here goes...YUMMY

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