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Pepsi Max or Diet Coke & Sweetners


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Which is your preferred drink

Diet Coke or Coke Zero or Caffeine Sugar Free Coke or do you prefer Pepsi Max or Diet Pepsi?

I was always a 'Coke' drinker as apposed to Pepsi but when I started my SW I changed to the gold can coke, the suger and caffiene free coke but one day had a pepsi max and I much prefer it now. It tastes sweeter to me and I can't stand the regular diet drinks

What sweetner do you use - I used to hate all the swetners like cander ect I discovered splena and have never looked back. I tastes so different to all the other artificial stuff that I'd never use anything else.
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I have been drinking diet coke for years and I always fount coke too sweet. The same goes with pepsi. I don't mind any of the sugar free drinks be they pepsi or coke.
Now I found the cheapi diet "coke" called Freeway at Lidles. It's only 39p for 2 litres and I think it tastes just like diet coke. Saves me a fortune as I drink 2 or 3 of them a day!
I have any sweetener. Also the cheap ones do me.


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I really dislike both Pepsi and Coke, diet or otherwise. I much prefer Schweppes Slimline Tonic with lemon juice squeezed into it........no gin these days !!!

I was interested to read your preferences for sugar substitutes as I am about to embark on a granular sugar substitute to use in cooking. Cooked tomatoes cooked with salt and a sprinkle of sugar are to die for. So thanks for that,


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A top tip for G&T lovers - get an atomiser spray (like for oil or vinegar) and put gin in it. Prepare your slimline tonic and then just give a little woosh of gin on top. It gives you the aroma without the syns - or the hangover- and makes a measure of gin go a loooooooooooong way :D

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Recently i've been drinking Pepsi Max, but the other day I went to the shop and got Diet Coke because it was on offer. Pepsi Max is ten times better!!! much more sweeter than the Diet Coke!


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i survive on Diet coke - i think its in my blood i drink so much :( haha!

dont use sweetners much - but have Splenda Sweety low or something in the cupboard for cooking.


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I love coke zero, never have liked pepsi, but the other day i had some diet pepsi round a friend's and it was not bad! But i still buy coke zero :D
I try to drink more water now though.

I don't use sweetners in hot drinks but use sweenters for cooking/baking ( 1/2 syn fruit roulade YUM ) ;)
I am addicted to Diet Coke!!!

I cannot stand the granulated sweetners, I only use the tablet sweetner in cups of tea. I love baking, and i'm a bit of a purist, so I'd rather have less of something delicious and syn in, than something that tastes vaguely similar to what it should!

Some of the recipes in the magazines make me laugh as they have such massive amounts of sweetner in them! Nothing with 6 tablespoons of sweetner is ever going to be nice!

Well some people love them, so maybe it's just me!


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For me it's diet decaf coke. I don't drink caffeine. Pepsi doesn't do one, or if they do, it's not available in shops near me.

As for sweetners, I avoid them if I can. I'll use them in cooking, sparingly, but I can't stand the taste.


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I much prefer Diet Pepsi! My mum only ever drinks Pepsi Max, don't know what it is but I can't stand it! I think it's a lot fizzier than the diet stuff? Anyway, always preferred Pepsi over Coke! Real coke is just too sweet, it leaves my teeth feeling furry! I can drink the diet stuff but would rather not. I don't actually buy branded soda I just get Morrisons/Asda own brands, so drink diet lemonade all the time :)

I use Morrison's own brand granulated sweetener, prefer it to the tablet type. I've managed to train myself to not need as much of it in coffee/tea so it lasts forever :)
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I love Pepsi max and diet coke... Pepsi max is much more sweet though and dosent feel like a diet drink xx


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Diet coke all the way (either regular diet or caffeine free depending on whether I am pregnant/breastfeeding). In my teens I was a regular coke addict, but changed to diet when I was about 19 and now I can't stand the sugary version, it's much too sweet and I can feel the sugar coating my teeth as I drink it.

I'm a coke girl through and through so diet coke is always my first choice but I'll drink diet pepsi if there's no option of diet coke. I have recently discovered that ikea diet coke is quite nice too.

I won't touch coke zero or pepsi max as I don't like them.

As for sweetner I rarely use it so just get shop brand or whatever is on offer (The jar in my cupboard now has a best before of jun09 I should probably replace it!)


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I used to be a full fat coke person!!! Then i tried diet coke and ew!! Hate it. By accident I tried diet pepsi and love it. I find pepsi max far too sweet. Must admit it took two weeks for me to withdraw from tea/coffee/sugar/chocolate and crisps. The headaches were unreal and almost unbearable. Well worth it for the weight loss!!

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