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Perfect Breakfast


I don't always have time for breakfast so yesterday i discovered an amazing smoothie that's syn free and fills you up!

Take 1 banana and a handful of frozen blueberries add to a food processer or mini blitzer with a Muller Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt and mix!

So yummy and so much cheaper that shop bought ones!

You can add a couple of teaspoons of sweetner if you prefer but i think its lovely without :)
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Would this be free though? As you're making the fruit into a smoothie and not having it in its natural form???


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Yup they're right- it's such an annoying rule though!! SW do this so that we don't overdo it, which would be easy to do with smoothies- you wouldn't always notice how much you were putting in for the little you get out! It's the same with freshly squeezed orange juice! In theory you could eat 8 oranges, but if you squeezed the juice out of them and drank it from a glass it would have to be synned! They are just protecting our portion sizes! Mind you, if you only had one banana and a handful of blueberries I can't see that there's much harm in that, it's pretty controlled and you could easily eat that in one sitting anyway with a mullerlight! If you mushed that all up in a bowl you wouldn't be synning it!X


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yeah i think its any fruit not in its normal form i.e. blitzed or cooked etc. then it is synned!


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If you eat a piece of fruit, say some like an apple, it gets your jaws working with each chew etc and is much more satisfying.

Just think how many apples etc you could blend up into a smoothie and then down in a glass. It wouldn't be as filling, and certainly wouldn't have you chewing.

This is why blended/pureed fruits are not free.


Sorry all and thanks for your help I guess this is one big learning curve for me!

One other thing jerricebenton... where does it say a banana is 4 syns? "4 for the banana"
I don't mean to be rude but my book classes them as a superfree food? Do you mean it is 4 when made into a smoothie? I'd like to know so i can keep track as these are too good to give up :D


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Basic/Non Branded Foods Fruit - Fresh, Banana, flesh only, pureed/cooked average each

4 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 4 Syns
Green 4 Syns



needs to focus!!!!
Basic/Non Branded Foods Fruit - Fresh, Blueberries, raw, pureed/cooked 28g

1 Syns on Extra Easy
Original 1 Syns
Green 1 Syns



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My S/W leader last year said it was okay as long as I didn't use tons of fruit - a couple of pieces is fine as a breakfast. Not in the rule book but I've lost 2 stones having it for brekkie most days.

I use - 2 pieces fruit, cottage cheese, natural yogurt and splash of water and skimmed milk. Blitz all together. Tasty!


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Yes to a point, but the chewing also gets your metabolism going and then your body has to use energy to break the food down properly. If it's already broken down you use very little energy. And as already said you would probably use alot more fruit etc in a smoothie. It's the same with pasta if you cook it al dente your body has to work harder to break it down whereas if it's mushy it doesn't. You'll probably find you are fuller for longer with al dente pasta.
HTH :)