perfect rice


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My tip for perfect rice every time (a chef taught me this)

This is very important, the rice MUST NOT be easy cook rice. It needs to be NORMAL Basmati rice.

1 mug (normal size mug) of basmati rice (DO NOT use easy cook basmati otherwise it wont steam!!) is enough to feed 1 adult and 2 children , if you doing 2 kids and 2 adults, i recommend 1 and a 1/2 mugs.

Then boil a kettle. Use a fine mesh sieve to rinse your rice under the tap. Then put rice in pan. Get a large pan that will have a lid. Salt the rice. Then add 3 cups of boiling water (the ratio is one cup of boiling water to 1/2 a mug of rice). and bring the rice to the boil.

Straight away as soon as it boils, turn the heat off, give it a good stir,and put the lid on (dont take the lid off cos its gonna steam ur rice!) . Leave for 20 mins. After twenty minutes it will be perfectly cooked, and still boiling hot. Just fluff the rice with a big spoon, and serve.
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Thanks, I'll have a go at that - my rice always ends up resembling rice pudding :|


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This is perfect - my rice always ends up sticky and not resembling anything like rice!!! im going to give it a go tonight.

Thanks for this


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another option is to buy one of these, which you can use on top of a wok:

makes perfect rice everytime, because the rice isn't sitting in any water, other than a damp clean towel, it is the steaming process that cooks it. Is also great for steaming veggies and fish etc.

I got one quite cheaply from a home store.


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I use my microwave rice steamer so same principle, perfect rice everytime in about 9 minutes.


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I use a rice cooker, and it turns out perfect everytime. Otherwise I go with the method of weighing the rice and double the weight in volume of boiling water. So 300g rice and 600ml boiling water, 400g rice and 800ml water etc etc. Bring to the boil and as soon as it boils, turn the heat down to the very lowest setting and steam for 20 minutes. I tried the turning off heat method but the rice was still a little starchy and hard in the middle :( Oh and don't forget to wash thoroughly before cooking for super fluffy rice! Cooking it in chicken or beef stock also makes it really tasty.

Here's the rice cooker I use, it's also a slow cooker, and it cooks porridge and steams veggies as well. When I cook rice I usually put some veggies in the steam rack and it all cooks together. I also use it to cook porridge overnight so I wake up to yummy hot porridge in the morning!



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Basmati rice rinse rice in cold water add to pan of boiling water when cooked rinse in boiling water end result = fluffy rice :) that's how I do it :)


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turned out perfect thankyou very much