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  1. Marci 26

    Marci 26 Member

    I have a job drinking plain water, so I bought some flavouring which has been a big help.
    My cdc also said that I'm allowed one type of flavoured water.
    Perfectly Clear, but only the strawberry & kiwi flavour, as it doesn't contain citric acid.

    I love it, and can drink gallons of the stuff, so really hope it won't affect my weight loss (unless it's for the better)
    Has anyone else heard that it's ok?

    I've checked the label and it doesn't contain citric acid like all the other flavoured water.
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  3. thembie

    thembie Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hey , didn't want to read and run. I want to know too and I hope a cdc or someone knowledgeable answers soon.

    Much love

  4. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I'm afraid it isn't allowed on Cambridge.

    There is a CD water flavouring that you can get from your CDC that is allowed, but even that isn't in copious amounts.
  5. Marci 26

    Marci 26 Member

    Thanks for your replies, but oh dear.
    My CDC said it was ok as I'm on my 3rd week, and as it didn't contain citric acid, I've been drinking it all day.

    She lost 12 stone, so I thought she must have known.

    I also have the flavouring.
  6. mandye

    mandye Silver Member

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    official line is no to perfectly clear ..... but I had it all the way through my journey but only 1 glass a day with no noticable problems its up to you x
  7. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

  8. Marci 26

    Marci 26 Member

    She did say it was only the strawberry & kiwi as it's the only one that doesn't contain citric acid.

    It is the first time I've drunk more than enough water, as I was struggling with plain water.

    I'll see what my weigh in is next Tuesday.

    Thank you
  9. Lesly Cambridge

    Lesly Cambridge Cambridge Consultant

    Hi Marci - your Counsellor has told you what I've been telling my clients too.

    It would be helpful if all Counsellors were kept up to date, but at least this will give you the opportunity to explore the things that aren't forbidden....;)
  10. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    All allowable fluids are listed in the current sole source booklet.
  11. Anisah

    Anisah A pound at a time

    Cambridge Diet
    I know it's not Perfectly clear (no pun intended), but there was someone else on here who drank crystal light her whole way through SS and didn't have any problems. Her weight flew off and she didn't get hungry from it. I know there are the official rules, but in my opinion this diet should be used on an individual basis. It has been said that Cambridge is a flexible diet. See what works for you. Try it for a couple weeks and if you see yourself slow down, you can stop. At least you would have gotten used to more liquids by then and you might be able to drink more plain water. I try not to think of things in terms of what I can't have. It's a very negative approach. I try to look at things like I can have anything I want, but right now I choose not to because I have a goal I am trying to accomplish.
  12. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    I don not think its a negative approach its what applies the the diet programme you have chosen. It is flexible as there are so many programmes to choose from so if one does not suit there will be another that does, however, each programme has guidance.

    Years of research set the parameters to stick within to get the best results.

    Some people will be able to drink other fluids, many others will not and a couple of drinks can trigger off cravings resulting in eating which then can have a detrimental affect on their weightloss for the week which in effect can have a psychological effect on their resolve to follow the plan.

    The best advice is always discuss first with your CDC then if you must try but it could be at your peril.

    To look at things like I can have anything I want, but right now I choose not to because I have a goal I am trying to accomplish is a great mindset.
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  13. Marci 26

    Marci 26 Member

    Thank you for all your advice.
    I am still losing so will keep drinking it until my next official weigh in.
    Rather than making me hungry, it is actually filling me up and I am now drinking more than the minimum amount of water, whereas before I was struggling.
    My next weigh in is Tuesday, so I'll see if it can work for me then.
  14. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member


    You may be one of the lucky ones:)
  15. Anisah

    Anisah A pound at a time

    Cambridge Diet
    I didn't really think of that. It is true that some people will give up if they don't see good losses. I'm not a CDC so I don't know all of the things that a CDC knows. I guess it might be best to stick with what a more knowledgable person would advise. I just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in even though not much. I am interested in how it turns out for you. It's interesting to see how others do.
  16. Loz1984

    Loz1984 Flab 2 Fab!

    You just have to do what works for you!

    I have flavoured water and coke zero as it keeps me going. The water helps me to drink more than the RDA which can only be a good thing! I've not had a problem yet.

    Obviously everyone is different!

    Some people have their flavoured gum which has citric acid in and it doesn't affect them whereas it makes me feel bloated and hungry!
  17. Marci 26

    Marci 26 Member

    Well I have been drinking Perfectly Clear (Strawberry & kiwi and Red Apple), throughout the diet and have lost 20lbs in 6 weeks and I am thrilled.
    Couldn't have done it without as I really can't drink large amounts of plain water.
    I'm going away in just over a week so have started refeeding, but still managed to lose 4lbs this week on the 810.
    Moving up to 1000 today, but have struggled to eat much food.
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